Top 5…Dead of Alive

No, we aren’t talking Hip hop artist.

A reoccurring theme in the realm of self evolution is the ideology that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Just by coming across this quick youtube video made me take quick mental inventory of the friend list and make the needed adjustments. No shade ladies and gentlemen, it’s only up from here.

Happy Days Are Here Again?

The day is cold. The sun is shinning but the warmest thing in my studio apartment is the sugarless coffee on my desk and beat of my heart. I should be working, but the calls have momentarily stopped and I have a moment to share my thoughts with the two of you who read this blog…because why the fuck not. If you are anything like me, your mornings usually begin with a million thoughts fighting for priority in a day with endless possibility. The trash needs to be taken out, my cholesterol is high and my car should really be paid off before I agree to all of this travel. After meditation and playing with my incense it dawns on me that life could always be this way. What way am I referring to you ask? The way it is now…whatever that may be. Let’s revisit my existential crisis and a question as old as time itself: Are you happy?

What is happiness anyway? Most 30 somethings my age are running in the rat race and falling into more debt, trying to convince themselves they are living a good life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that if you don’t. It all just makes me wonder about the alternatives and what life would look like for us to truly be happy within. Remember when we were young and passionate with hopes and dreams under our pillows? What a time. Remember wanting to be an astronaut when you grew up? Remember paper dolls and soccer tournaments? What do your hobbies look like these days? Through a glass dimly I remembered I LOVE reading, writing, and painting but have made zero time to include these things in my busy schedule. I love being outdoors and it wasn’t freezing on Monday, so I went for a walk on my lunch break. Good times. After all: all work and no play makes Jewel a sad girl, or so they say. Do you prioritize the things that make you look good on paper over your own mental health and freedom; for example, the high paying job, the returning to school for the 800th time etc? Do those work related accomplishments make you happy?

I’m a self proclaimed guru in stating the obvious, so I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on what makes you happy. Shit, consider what your life would look like to be truly happy. I’m just getting started in the spirit of “seize the day, free your mind” and all that jazz. Take this as your sign to breakout of the routines that are killing your joy and get happy…whatever that looks like.

The Beauty of YOU

Have you ever just taken a quiet moment to sit back and think about what it means to be you? Recently I was having flashbacks on the “ME” I’ve been over the past few decades. I’ve easily been the daughter, the rebel, the student, and a ton of other labels and titles given or created over time. This lead me to think about who I am as a person outside of these labels and does any of this matter in the grand game of life. Well shit, does it?

If you are anything like me, you have created your own labels as you develop and grow as a person. I know many self proclaimed stoners, as some of us label ourselves by what we do. We often label and stereotype based on location, age, sex, color, creed etc. Do these titles help us communicate with others and find our tribe? Think of your career, does that define who you are?

I look at my very moral upbringing and parents who, despite being devout Christians, allowed me to be whoever I wanted to be…supporting me in the process. They allowed me to make my own decisions and shared in my wins and losses in navigating early adulthood. They still do. Were my parents SO awesome because I am literally the sum of who they are?

I look at an ever changing world around us. All of the medias are programming us into a never ending flash mob of robots. Running the rat race and chasing the same goals of fame and fortune. Do those things even speak to you?

And what does it mean to be you anyway? Beautiful you. Who actually defines you but you?

Just Maybe

Somewhere along the way, someone convinced you that you werent enough

Maybe you forgot who you are
Maybe you dont know the power you possess or who you are created to be

Maybe you gave someone permission to put you on the back burner
Maybe you think you deserve leftovers…

You Dont

And the moment you embrace yourself, in all that you are…
Thats the day the world will open up for you

7 Days of The Best You Challenge

I once considered myself a highly productive person. My ‘type A’ personality allowed for setting unrealistic goals at times just to keep myself sharp. Those days are far behind me now. As I get older it seems the very basic goals are harder to get accomplished. I get side tracked easier. We should evolve as we age so how is this even possible?

I also bore easily so I would pick up a trending online challege from time to time. The no alcohol challenge. The no social media for x amount of days kind of deal. You know the kind?! I’m game for anything that mirrors the idea of bettering the self, and this challenge walked into mind. Seven days of your best self!

This seven days of the best you challenge would allow you to do whatever it is that you think allows you to be a better version of…you know, you. It could be exercising, fasting, working overtime, mediation, or something deep in your heart. There is no criteria except to DO IT. What do you say? Let me know if you’re game and what you come up with.

Happy Challenge!

The Concert Bring Back!

Alas, the year is off to an OK start with some concert line ups on the horizon. I remember my yester years and the ghosts of cancelled concerts past. R.I.P. to my Tame Impala tickets, and that rained out Third Eye Blind show at Merriweather. Who could forget the Foo Fighters concerts that are sold out before you can click the link. I cant imagine life without dodging resale tickets, long bathroom lines, overpriced beer and swaying to the soundtracks of my adolescence. Unfortunately, the last few years have taken a toll on my live music experiences. When I did get out, I was double masked and prayerful. This year, my confidence is up and I will be doing the same. First on the list for me is The 3 Chambers Tour with Raekwon, Gza and Ghostface at Baltimore Soundstage! Wu Tang Forever! What’s first on your concert bring back lineup?

Make sure you are staying safe when you’re out and use your intuition at some of these venues. I’ll be posting other live music news as the year continues. Happy Concert Hunting!