[New Album Alert] AJ Suede- Gold and Earth

AJ Suede is back with new sounds for your speakers. Back in my Strictly Hip Hop days, I got hip to the brother’s Gold and Fire album. I actually still have it in my playlist as we speak. In any event, if you want to vibe and get enlightened, check out his newest creation Gold and Earth. This project is the 3rd installment to his “Golden Element Quadrilogy”. Shouts out to the whole FreeMinds Collective! Show your twitter love @AJSuede @Frmnds and  check out their site www.freemindscollective.com.


Ellis Ft. Stan Green- Soft Lips & Tattoos

Ellis is back with a bonus track from The Education of Ellis. This one is strictly for the ladies, but he still happens to drop some Jewels (pun intended). Stay tuned as we give you the drop on exclusive Ellis updates.

Download The Education of ELLIS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-education-of-ellis/id908753688

Games, Dope and Hip Hop

DopeNeedleI am not gamer, nor have I ever claimed to be. I am not a guru on what’s new and trendy in the gaming industry. However, I just so happen to be friends with some pretty game savvy folks who are always willing to keep me abreast of the new gaming trends. A buddy of mine and I were having a conversation about the old games we used to play back in our Baltimore City public school days. A personal favorite of mine and a cult classic was Dope Wars.

According to Wikipedia, Drug Wars was created by John E. Dell back in 1984. Dope Wars was a more popular rendition of the game upgraded by Ben Webb. Michael Swain built upon it for its release on graphing calculators. I was lucky enough to play it on my TI-83 (graphing calculator) in class where I would learn nothing math related…or so I thought. The game actually taught me the value of profit!  The key is to buy drugs for a low amount of money and sell them for much higher across the boroughs. BOOM!

It’s very possible that I was drawn to the game due to my love of hip hop culture. When I was coming up, the rappers I listened to were also drug dealers. I wanted to be a rapper so naturally I wanted to sell drugs. Thanks to Dope Wars I could do it legally. I don’t rhyme anymore, but I still listen to hip hop. The rappers now days don’t inspire me to do anything, let alone sell drugs. Nevertheless…I am now a high scoring drug dealer moving that dope on my smart device. Salute to Oliver Dupont for his app version of Dope Wars. I think he did a really good job with his adaptation.  If you want to get hooked on it again, check out his version on Google Play here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.odupont.android.dopewars&hl=en