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[Video] Childish Gambino- This Is America

New visuals from Donald Glover. I like to over analyze music videos and concepts, so I had many ideas when watching this. Gambino is known for pushing the envelope musically, so it’s no surprise that he needed to get this message across. Let me know your thoughts via twitter @Dropajewel and enjoy.


[Article] The most violent city in nearly every US state, according to the FBI

When I read this headline, I already knew what the number one city would be. I wont be providing you a spoiler alert, this evening. I DO however have questions on the living conditions of occupants in these cities. How many people are living below the poverty line and how does that directly relate to violence? Do we REALLY care about making ur world a better place and how can we help? What are local elected officials doing in each city to make a difference? 

Those are just some thoughts that ran across my mind in looking at this. Check out the article from Business Insider by clicking the link below.

Article: Coachella 2018 Lineup

The good folks over at Pitchfork are keeping us informed with the ‘need to know’ facts for Coachella! I have zero friends attending this year, so I must envy many strangers on their voyage. Check out the lineup in the link below. Happy Concert Hunting!

Article: 50 Novels All Men Should Read Before They Die

I like reading classics as well as the next person. Some of the books I have never heard of, but since I’m looking for new spring reads I may give em’ a shot. Happy Reading! 

This article is written by the good folks at Esquire.

{Music} 60 East & Phil the Pain-Smoke One

60 East and Phil The Pain are back with another music video from their collaborative project The Freeway Series Vol.2.  Since 2018 sparked the legalization of recreational Marijuana in California, 60 and Phil decided to drop Smoke One, a song guaranteed to get added to your smokers playlist. Make sure to catch 60 East on Tour in Australia this April with Termanology.  Check out the visual below and cop The Freeway Series Vol 2 if you haven’t already. #DoItNow



{Music} Lyric Jones-Lush Lux Life (prod. Mike S)

Lyric Jones is back with Lush Lux Life. The upbeat tune is produced by Mike S and is something to get your weekend started. Peep the visual below and show your support on itunes and soundcloud. #DoItNow

Black History Month Salute…Maya Angelou

Happy Black History month! I just watched Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise on Netflix this week and I was inspired. It talked about her struggles of being abandoned and raped as a child, to becoming one of the most influential Black women of all time. Angelou was a writer, activist, author, and speaker well known for her work with the civil rights movement and literary works. As a child, I was raised on Angelou’s poetry and was inspired by her book I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. If you get the chance this month, dive into some Maya Angelou and share some of your thoughts. She passed in 2014 but her spirit lives on. Today we salute Maya Angelou! Happy Black History Month!

Broccoli City Festival 2018

Eat your greens. Enjoy some good music. This year’s lineup looks good so grab your tickets if you’ll be in the DMV area. 

Does My Plant Enjoy Hip Hop?

Peace and Happy Monday. Let’s talk greenery for a second.

At work, I was blessed with a lucky bamboo plant. When I first got her, she was really small and I was nervous about how to take care of her. I work in an office in the basement, where there is no natural light. I don’t have a green thumb, and I can never keep plants at home because my cat is a hungry, curious fellow! In any event, I named the plant Beverly, and vowed to do my best with her. I give her plant food and sing to her daily. She likes the fluorescent light down here and is growing tall and strong. I’ve been reading about plants because I want her to stay healthy and I came across a few articles on plants and music. Plants like vibratory frequencies as do all life forms, and they also have all five senses. Damn, I wonder what kind of music Beverly likes? I wonder if she likes hip hop? 

Check out a good read below from dengarden about music and plant growth. Let me know your thoughts and tips on gardening as well. 


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