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Article: Living Legend Sam Gilliam Is Enjoying His Greatest Renaissance Yet

Welcome to 2018! I came across a good read from ArtNet News about abstract artist Sam Gilliam. The article was written by Eileen Kinsella and talks a bit about Gilliam’s ability to stay popular and reach new heights of success despite his age. Check out the link below an share your thoughts with me via twitter.


[Article]Banned by the police: the true stories behind Modigliani’s languorous nudes

An interesting Monday read from The Guardian. For me, nudity in art has always been a conversation on how far an artist is allowed to go. Check this piece on Modigliani and let me know your thoughts.

[Article] 35 Happy Little Facts About Bob Ross

Bob Ross. The man. The artist. The legend. I used to watch Bob paint when I was a kid and I knew he was a genius. He was always so in tune with nature and it came across in his paintings. In my humble opinion, he will always be better than I am, because he had squirrels for friends. How peaceful must the human soul be to be friend creatures so small, and make us all feel that they are so important? I rant about Bob to this day, mostly because the wet on wet technique doesnt work well for my art…especially with acrylic paint. This is not the first post I’ve done dedicated to Mr. Ross. It wont be the last. Check out this article with random facts about Bob and let me know your thoughts. Happy painting.

[Article] Alcohol Effects on The Body

There I was, laying in my bed this rainy Sunday morning when I scrolled pass this article. Time magazine touches on the effects that alcohol has on the body over time. Oddly enough, I just watched a Netflix flick a few months ago titled “The Truth About Alcohol.” It put some myths to rest and clarified some truths on drinking. In any event, visit the time article below and share your thoughts. Are you drinking too much?

[Article] Jean-Michel Basquiat: The neglected genius

The thing I love most about art, is the fact that it is so open to interpretation, that the artist could paint something one way and the viewer see something completely different. The thing I hate most about art, is chances are, an artist will be good and dead before ever given a decent amount of recognition. Cue this BBC article on Jean-Michel Basquiat, and share your thoughts.

[Lyric Video] Rise Against-The Violence

Attention rock heads! Here’s a lyric video for The Violence that I just got hip to.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, buy + stream “The Violence” @

[Repost] Nothing can stop you…

via Do Gods will — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

[Video] Muse-Dig Down

Rejoice at the return of Muse!

[Video] Lianne La Havas-Tokyo

Rejoice! New visuals from the super talented Ms. La Havas. Tokyo was shot and directed by Ravi Dhar and just dropped this past week. Check it out and show her some twitter love @liannelahavas and get familiar! Tell her DropaJewel sent you. #DoItNow

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