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[Article]Masonic Temple Art Museum to open

Rejoice, all ye conspiracy theorist and occult fanatics! As a lover of art and the mysteries of this realm, I have to admit I find this…interesting to say the least. Check out the link below and share your thoughts.

[Art] Street Art by Felipe Pantone

The Black and White theme is an unending personal favorite and Pantone’s vision here is remarkable. Check out the article and Art below

[Article]15 Stellar Short Stories You Can Read Online This Month

The Huffington Post serving up short story realness here for our amusement! Enjoy

[Article] How I Healed From Crohns Disease

First, let me preface this by saluting everyone world wide who is fighting the good fight against crohns disease. I was diagnosed in 2015, after years of medication for a mystery illness affecting my joints, eyes, and skin. The disease affects everyone differently, and can be super difficult to cope with. I came across this article/blog by Meghan Telpner on some tools she used in her healing journey. There is no cure for crohns (they say), but I believe in the healing and transforming of lives through the human spirit and the power of the most high God. Check out the article, and notice how much of these practices could be beneficial to your everyday life regardless of your situation. Spread light! #DoItNow

[Visuals] Highly Suspect-Little One

I fucking love this song.

As I try to keep you all laced in good tunes for the spring and upcoming summer, I came across this one while listening to my favorite local rock station. The band is from Massachusetts, and have been on the scene for a good minute now. We’re in luck, the band is currently on tour and coming to a city near you. Keep your eyes peeled, check out their website and show your twitter love @Highly_Suspect. #DoItNow

[Visuals] Dreamers-Sweet Disaster

Another highly slept on band, with another highly slept on song.

If you haven’t already, check out the super cool lyric video below and download their debut This Album Does Not Exist now!

[Music] A Class-You Was Right

New music from your boy A Class over the You Was Right instrumental prod. by Metro Boomin. #LetsGo

[New EP] Amahni Philly- Up There

New music from Baltimore singer, Amahni Philly. Get your mind right and check it out! Follow his twitter @Amahnimusic #DoItNow



[Video] Pope Francis On A Future Worth Building

Thank God for Ted Talks. Check out Pope Francis views on building our future and why it will take us all. 

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