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Brother Berg’s Prodigy Theory Explained

Peace! I try not to dig too deep into gematria and numerology, but its hard not to wonder if there is something more happening in this world…especially when numbers align. Check out Brother Berg breaking down the numbers on The infamous Prodigy. R.I.P

Prodigy from Mobb Deep has passed away from sickle-cell anaemia on 20 June 2017 at the age of 42. Representing Queens New York, Prodigy died in Las Vegas, a parallel to Tupac born in Harlem and killed in Vegas. The rapper born as Albert Johnson was a outspoken Truther who exposed the Illuminati, talking about […]

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[Article] Andy Warhol will star in a documentary shot by Andy Warhol

Peace to Dazed for the scoop on this.

[Video] 60 East-Almost There

Bam! 60 East takes viewers on tour with him to Europe in his latest Music Video Almost There, which is also the Single to his upcoming release “The Freeway Series Vol 2: Cruise Control“.

Almost There, and the rest of the EP, is produced in its entirety by long time friend and collaborator Phil The Pain. The video starts with 60’s experience at the 15th annual Hip Hop Kemp Festival then continues on one of his recent European Tours, traveling through the continent and performing in various countries. The video is also filled with tons of cameos including A-F-R-O, Devin The Dude, Mr. Green, Jehst and Tek of Smif N Wessun

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[Article] Avocado Art Is Exactly as Crazy As It Sounds — TIME

For a creative mind, everything is a medium. Even the food we eat. Even, say, an avocado. Once more, everyone’s favorite green superfood is in the spotlight, thanks to its supple yet firm interior flesh, which provides an optimal canvas for culinary artists to make a miniature-sized masterpiece. But snap that pic quickly; avocado flesh…

via This Eye-Catching Avocado Art Is Exactly as Crazy As It Sounds — TIME

[Podcast] Hip Hop NOW with Vegas- Episode 108

Your boy Vegas been droppin Jewels for a minute now, keeping you in the loop of hip hop happenings worldwide. Check out his newest episode of the Hip Hop Now Podcast talking about The 15th Anniversary of “The Eminem Show”, Redman, and Biggie’s son is dropping an album soon, and more!

You can also here this podcast on Def Star Radio (DSR.FM)available on iOS and Android. Follow his twitter @VegasWorldInc #Go

{Video} Greenspan ft. Breezay-Cool or Whatever

Boom! Baltimore City giving you good vibes with Greenspan’s Cool or Whatever. Check it out and salute his new album #GO

{Music} DJ Khaled ft Drake-To The Max

Gameplay. Reveal. Destiny 2. w00t!

Since the end of last year, video game companies have inundating us with high-tier (and some low-tier) game after game and it shows no sign of letting up now. We have Injustice 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, The Surge, Prey, Persona 5, Fire Emblem, Tekken 7 and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy….and as much as I want all these glorious things, tomorrow is the gameplay reveal for a game I’ve been waiting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too long long for.


Everyone’s first person, space-fairing, shoot everything MMORPG about moon wizards and exotic items is FINALLY showing it’s super-polished, next-gen only face tomorrow on Twitch. It starts at 1pm here at B-More time. If you wanna watch somewhere you trust, I’ll link it below.

The Hype Is Real!

[Video] Blink 182-Wild Fire

The new lyric video from Blink 182, from their upcoming release, California. Pre order now on their website

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