[Article] iTunes is dead

Apple may be getting rid of iTunes, according to the Rolling Stone article below. My thoughts? ITunes, along with any other apple program I’ve ever tried to run, has crashed every computer I’ve ever had…especially among various radio stations in the Mid Atlantic region. *sigh* Good times…the end of an era indeed. See you on the other side of the Jordan, iTunes.


Are Apple Products Worth It?

The following video from Snazzy Labs really sums up my beef with Apple products as a whole. iPhones are my biggest pet-peeve when it comes to older hardware and features but they’ve made strides to catch up to other manufactures in that arena.

Granted, this may be the year for the Mac Pro refresh but there’s no reason anyone should be paying that kind of money for ANYTHING subpar.

“spring foward” The Apple ‘Watch’ Keynote

What’s more villainous, Apple or Ebola?

I kid…

The Apple “spring foward” Event is over but you can catch the run down on Engadget.

I know you mindless folk love their stuff, so shuffle on over & prepare to spend monies.

Source image: Redmond Pie

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