Being Empathic Without Being Brought Down

Now, I know I’m tough as nails. My sister, The Mayor, does not agree.

I’m sensitive. (BS!)

Most things don’t bother me but a person who chronically complains, is forever sad, etc. tends to bring me down and keeps me in a similar rut.

Turns out we’re all susceptible to being tuned into someone else’s vibe. This Lifehacker article explains how to guard against that.

No one likes feeling lower than a storm drain, especially because someone next to you is feeling like a Ninja Turtle.

Source: Lifehacker

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Michael E Michael: The Fighting Game THRILLER

You’ll always see something weird in gaming, on the Internet.

Who’s the BADdest? Michael or Michael?

In this fighting game, you & Player 2 can only play the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in this game of absurdity. I don’t how else to explain it…

It’s available on PC & Mac in the link below.

Source: Michael-E-Michael

[GRAPHIC CONTENT] If You Thought Hannibal Lecter Was A Chump…

When I was 16, I remember being shown the movie Hannibal in my psychology class. I couldn’t tell you what we were reviewing but I was always entranced by Lecter’s moves. The for such an old, feeble looking man, the good doctor’s moves were always very well executed.

The scenes I remember the most from the movie Hannibal were this one of him hanging with friends:

There’s another one where he stabs a man ever so discreetly but I can’t find a clip anywhere.

Stupid Internet.

Over at Fightland, they take a closer look at Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s combat history and knowledge of the human body made him a calculated killing machine. They go over the TV series, books…the whole trans-media franchise.

Besides the brain-eating and such, I aspire to be great like that one day.

Source: Fightland – Analyzing Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s Combat Skills

Passwords Need Help

You keep your fancy schmancy fingerprint scanners on your phones, face scanning tech everywhere. All of which can be hacked, comprimised and NOT changed.

Passwords need help. I know someone out there has ideas.


Check the link to read more about it.

Source: WIRED – Don’t Kill The Password, Change The Password