{New Music} Jared Xavier ft. Source4prez- #FlySh*t (prod. by Kxngs)

Yeah! New music from your boy Jared Xavier. I know you’ve been patiently waiting for new sounds, and he’s back with Source4Prez and Kxngs to bring you #FlyShit. Show your twitter love @JaredXavier_ and tell him DropaJewel sent you.

Not Another Summer Reading List

Oh yes! I’m sure one of you read the title and vowed to throw your tablet as soon as it danced it’s way through your email. In any event, all of the websites I indulge in are posting their “Summer Reading List”, for the book lovers worldwide. While such a phenomenon  is trending, I was forced to face several truths:

  • I am not the nerd I used to be. About 5 years ago I tapped out my yearly reading list at about 40 books per year. Since then, the list has dwindled down drastically to about 10. Dont. Judge. Me
  •  People still read? Aw shucks! With the whole Kindle and e-book movement, it made life a lot easier for bookworms to stay on top of the new…and get to it a hell of a lot faster.
  • I still owe my local library about $11. They will get it when I feel like getting it to them, damnit.
  • Classic literature is making a comeback. I am seeing more Dickens on people’s list than ever before.

While I am moving at a snails pace with my reading, I still would like to share with you a few books that I’ve already knocked out and enjoyed. Explore them at your leisure.


I found this e-book via Forbes and just had to read it. I think anyone trying to stay ahead of changing trends in tech & money should read this. It isn’t a long read, but very informative! I am practicing some of it’s many gems…right now.


I found this on amazon as free e book, I think. I’ve never really been into sci-fi/fantasy type of books, but this was dope. It follows Sarah Phoenix, a girl with a gift (no spoilers) through her plight out of a povertous environment, to compete for a better life. With all sorts of twist, you will probably read this in no time and await the next book.

Art of war plus

Ah,my secret weapon. I admit I do read a bunch of random stuff to keep my mind crisp. I read years ago, that successful people are often sales people…no matter what product they are selling. Why not sell yourself?! You are an ever changing product! In order to maneuver through different jobs and life situations, I find it highly effective to know how to present yourself. Oddly enough, because of this book, I am now trying my hand in the sales department at my job *pops collar*. Still a great read for people who prefer strategy over window jumping. You can apply this book to every aspect of your life since The Art Of War is included. Thank me later.

I am currently reading:


What are you currently reading? What’s on your summer List?

{New Mixtape Alert} Bink Baghdad- Fuck Rap 6

Your man Bink Baghdad is back with new music for your summertime sound system with Fuck Rap 6. He is always giving 100% to his fans with dope beats, conceptual visuals and his lyrical capability. Show your twitter love @BinkBaghdad and check out Fuck Rap 6. Do IT NOWWWWW! #DropaJewel4Mayor


Artist Spotlight: Davon Carey

Happy Saturday, art lovers! Last night I attended an art exhibition at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center in Baltimore. The artist in showcase was a young brother by the name of Davon Carey. A good friend of mine put me on to the event, as I am somewhat of an artist myself but most of all…an art lover. The event had complimentary wine and food (right up my alley), and there was a rainbow of hues in attendance. I was blessed to see so many different shades of people, all for the support of a very talented Baltimore artist. I don’t know Davon personally, but I could tell that he is well loved by many. There was no riff raff present…all smiles and hugs, even in such a packed crowd. There were a few opening acts consisting of gifted singers and poets. Overall, I had a blast!


I was very impressed with Mr. Carey’s honesty, line work, subject matter and color schemes.


I didn’t get many pictures (the body painting was soooo dope) but I would just like to share a few.




I can see nothing but peace and prosperity for Mr. Davon Carey in the future. As always, show him your twitter love @DavonCarey and let me know your thoughts @DropaJewel. #DoItNow #Salute

{New Ish} Jared Evan- The Making of The Art Form of Whatever

Jared Evan is a new eclectic semi electric artist with his artistry displayed in different mediums. He paints, sings, raps, writes and offers his creativity to you in visual form, with a behind the scenes look at The Art Form of Whatever. The album is available for free download here  http://bit.ly/1BHzj3G


Sarah Fleischer, Baltimore’s Rock Queen, Retires

I’ve been a fan of Baltimore’s 98 Rock (WIYY) for many moons now. There are very few radio stations that I listen to, but this one so happens to be one of the best…in my humble opinion. Today, Baltimore’s queen of rock, Sarah Fleischer is rocking the airwaves for the last time. After 38 years of service, she decided to open a new chapter in her life by taking off her headphones and setting her sites on family and charity work. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the early 2000’s and it is well deserved. As a radio junkie myself (catch me yelling on numerous stations across the Baltimore area), I can only imagine how hard it must have been to really make your mark as a woman in radio…let alone a rocker! Today, it is an honor to listen to her lineup of artist like Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. She is on the air until about 3 this afternoon, so if you get a chance, turn your radios up for one last time!

Peace and blessings to Sarah in all of her future endeavors. To me, she is: an inspiration, an icon, and an icon. On behalf of women in broadcasting everywhere, we thank you for your service.

Show your twitter love using the hashtag #AllHailTheQueen98

{New Music} Vegas & Kil- Video Music Box

Sometimes I’m so late it hurts my soul. I try to keep up with all the good new music I run across and get it to you with the quickness! In any event, this one slipped right through my fingertips!! New music from Strictly Hip Hop alumni Vegas and Kil. This is the second single from their third album, The Grey Area 2, coming to you soon. Show your twitter love @VegasWorldInc and @Kil889. Also, check out their websites…Warning: Hip Hop lovers may experience a real hip hop overload  on willmakebeatsforfood.com and hiphopolitic.com. Finally, check out Vegas hosting the dopest hip hop show on the planet every Friday night at midnight on WEAA 88.9fm &(itsstrictly.com). Do it NOOOOOWWW #DropaJewel4Mayor