[Gaming] Atari Smartwatch

Gamers unite and rejoice as one! Gameband revealed their plans for what I know as the first gaming smartwatch and I couldn’t be more excited. As a kid, one of the first watches I ever received was a Super Mario game watch that I couldn’t beat. I didn’t know I loved it so much until the battery died.  Mine looks exactly like this guy on the right.


In any event, check out the article on the Atari watch and visit Gameband’s kickstarter here.

{Article} Nintendo’s Super Mario iPhone Game Comes Out Today — TIME

The wait is over, Mario fans: Nintendo is about to officially release Super Mario Run. The game will be available on both the iPhone and iPad today, Dec. 15, in 151 different countries and regions. While there’s a free demo included in the game, full access costs $9.99. That’s steep for a mobile game, but…

via Nintendo’s Super Mario iPhone Game Comes Out Today — TIME


{New Music} Self Conshus- Pen Game

Ahhhh! This joint is a banger! New music from the city of Baltimore, with the big homie Self Conshus. Conshus has been known to get down on the mic and I’m anxious to see what his newest project holds. Check out Pen Game and let me know your thoughts. #DoItNow #LetsGo

What’s Up With All The Pre-E3 Leaks?

I ask again: What’s up with all the Pre-E3 leaks?!?!

A trade show like E3 is like “seeing all your Christmas gifts as they’re being wrapped” for gamers everywhere. The Hype Train is inbound & started a whole month before E3, making the anticipation palpable, but I feel that’s not a good enough reason to leak all this stuff.

In the past week, we’ve seen leaks for Destiny’s “The Taken King”, PlatinumGames’ “Transformers: Devastation” for Xbox consoles, Ryu from Street Fighter & Roy of Fire Emblem confirmed for “Super Smash Bros. 4”, Guerrilla Games’ (Killzone) “Horizon” & probably more I just can’t find right now.

Every trade show has it’s series of leaks but when you have this many slightly before the main event, it takes shine off the card. Like…what do I have to look forward to now?

I hope all the console makers, indie darlings & VR startups have a plethora of things to show to keep me interested during the ever dry summer, at least until Gamescom.

Please people, don’t ruin my Christmas for me. This is all I got.

UPDATE: I forgot Dark Souls III & Dishonored 2. Forgives me?

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40 Glocc Challenges The Game To Boxing Match

Definitely a day for Foolish stuff. 40 Glocc & The Game have been beefing a looooooong time, ever since Game & friends gave 40 an WSHH Asswhupping. Then 40 Glooc sued (litigation pending). Now you challenge the man to a boxing match? Why not do that from the start, instead of lawyering up, effectively looking like a….. NVM. Granted, I understand the street vs the entertainment aspect of the suit but… Game going to use that pent up Zimmerman rage on 40. Blade God Syg is a contributor. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Ello (@bladegodsyg).