Does My Plant Enjoy Hip Hop?

Peace and Happy Monday. Let’s talk greenery for a second.

At work, I was blessed with a lucky bamboo plant. When I first got her, she was really small and I was nervous about how to take care of her. I work in an office in the basement, where there is no natural light. I don’t have a green thumb, and I can never keep plants at home because my cat is a hungry, curious fellow! In any event, I named the plant Beverly, and vowed to do my best with her. I give her plant food and sing to her daily. She likes the fluorescent light down here and is growing tall and strong. I’ve been reading about plants because I want her to stay healthy and I came across a few articles on plants and music. Plants like vibratory frequencies as do all life forms, and they also have all five senses. Damn, I wonder what kind of music Beverly likes? I wonder if she likes hip hop? 

Check out a good read below from dengarden about music and plant growth. Let me know your thoughts and tips on gardening as well. 


{New Visuals} Green Day- Bang Bang

Yesssssss! Just saw this the other day and wanted to share my joy with you. Green day is back with a new single titled Bang Bang. Check out the video and stay tuned for their upcoming album, Revolution Radio, due next month.

{New}Vivian Green- Grown Folks Music

Remember vibing to Vivian’s Emotional Rollercoaster back in the day? Me too.SO GLAD to see this sister back in the groove. I’m mad her latest album dropped in 2015 and I didn’t hear a word! Nobody kept me in the loop! Check her latest visuals, and cop Vivid available everywhere good music is sold. Work!


Jerk Off to Jack In

The human race finds more ways to be immensely resourceful yet equally repulsive.


Consuming too much power? Love to derm the worm? Is hugging your trees a hobby?

Introducing WankBand:

Introducing The Wankband: The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself. The Wankband, which resembles a fitness tracker, uses a small kinetic charger built into the band to generate and store electricity created by motion — specifically, the motion that is usually done while watching porn. To encourage users to save energy by using their Wankbands, Pornhub is creating a “Wanking Warriors program” that offers special rewards.

Way to keep those marathon mobile porn sessions going!!

Still, however perverted, it is a conscience attempt to help conserve energy. I’m not even opposed to beta testing it. I can find other up & down motions…like scratching!

Pornhub, you make Travis Touchdown proud.

Sources: Pornhub’s Youtube Channel

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