By now you may have heard the news.  Rapper and Philanthropist Nipsey Hussel was gun down in front of his store in Los Angeles, California. The hip-hop community is devastated by this news. The murder of a emcee is all too familiar in the hip-hop game. Something we could never get used to.

Some people blame it on jealousy, others say the government was involved because of a documentary about Dr. Sebi, and some think gang violence. All that matters is the lost of a man who wanted to do better for is people.  A man that wanted to be an example of hard work paying off. It’s a tragic loss but his words and inspiring spirit will never be forgotten.

Last year he dropped his debut album, the Grammy nominated, Victory Lap. He’d been putting in work for years on the underground hip-hop scene and his first album was big. So big that it made my podcast’s “Top 5 Albums of 2018” list.  Here’s an excerpt from that show and our thoughts.

Rest in Power Ermias Asghedom 🎤


R.I.P. DJ Tempest

Peace and Blessings. We just got the sad news that a dear friend of ours, DJ Tempest, passed away this week. Tempest was a gifted DJ who would frequent WEAA’s airwaves on Strictly Hip Hop to rip a turntable or two. He always had a kind word, and carried a gentle spirit about him. He will be sorely missed. I hadn’t seen him in many moons, but will always remember him for his encouraging words and love of the hip hop culture. If you can spare a moment, please donate a dollar or two to the go fund me page below. Also, check out an old clip of him mixing below. Take care of each other.




Hip-Hop NOW Podcast! Ep. 163

This week…Lupe talks retirement again, my thoughts on the new Sean P album, 21 Savage’s dealings with ICE…not that Ice…but…um…yeah…and more!

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That Time In Hip-Hop “Big L Corleone”


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