[Podcast] The Corner Radio with Kil

This week Kil plays a game of hip hop Tic Tac Toe with Jas, DJ Wreck 1, Vegas & Jon about who are our top 5 artists/groups who have the dopest 3 consecutive albums in a row. Check it out and follow his twitter @Kil889 and peep the site www.willmakebeatsforfood.com for more dopeness. #DoItNow

{New Album Alert} Vegas & Kil- Keep Calm

Yessire! I always love when these two brothers get together and start cooking up some bangers. Keep Calm is the newest release from Vegas & Kil, the perfect blend of dope beats and hot lyrics. Check it out for yourself and show your twitter love @Kil889 @VegasWorldInc #DoItNow

{New Visuals} Maffew Ragazino- Dice Game (prod. by Kil)

Yup! New visuals from Maffew Ragazino with Dice Game. This is a banger I put you down with not too long ago, produced by my big brother Kil. The video was shot, directed and edited By Da Inphamus Amadeuz. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


{New Mixtape Alert} The Funky Diabetic Mixtape


Peace and happy Friday! If you aren’t up on my man Kil over at willmakebeatsforfood.com you are seriously tripping. Big brother always puts together the dopest tapes, this time by way of legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest and Phife Diggy! #RIPPhife Go get your free copy of The Funky Diabetic Mixtape here


{New Music} Vegas & Kil- Video Music Box

Sometimes I’m so late it hurts my soul. I try to keep up with all the good new music I run across and get it to you with the quickness! In any event, this one slipped right through my fingertips!! New music from Strictly Hip Hop alumni Vegas and Kil. This is the second single from their third album, The Grey Area 2, coming to you soon. Show your twitter love @VegasWorldInc and @Kil889. Also, check out their websites…Warning: Hip Hop lovers may experience a real hip hop overload  on willmakebeatsforfood.com and hiphopolitic.com. Finally, check out Vegas hosting the dopest hip hop show on the planet every Friday night at midnight on WEAA 88.9fm &(itsstrictly.com). Do it NOOOOOWWW #DropaJewel4Mayor