Hip-Hop NOW Podcast Tier List! “Jay-Z and Nas Albums”

Everyone else is doing it, so why not us?! A break down of Jay-Z and Nas’s catalogs and where those albums fall in our chosen categories. Check out our list and leave your comments in the comment section below.

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[Article] iTunes is dead

Apple may be getting rid of iTunes, according to the Rolling Stone article below. My thoughts? ITunes, along with any other apple program I’ve ever tried to run, has crashed every computer I’ve ever had…especially among various radio stations in the Mid Atlantic region. *sigh* Good times…the end of an era indeed. See you on the other side of the Jordan, iTunes.


Hip-Hop NOW Podcast EXTRA! “2006-2010”

This week…we take a look at the best hip-hop albums from 2006 to 2010. Vegas decides which is the best of them all! Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share!

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[New Album] The Cranberries-In The End

Gotdamnit, it seems like everything has had a solemn undertone over the past few months. I LITERALLY had to pause the title track in order to write this post as I could feel my emotions welling up within. Lead singer Dolores O’Riordan passed away early last year, leaving fans heart broken all across the world. She had a powerful voice and ultimately was a staple for women in rock…specifically in the 90’s. This is the band’s final album, and absolutely the end of an era. Give In The End a listen, and let The Cranberries take you away one final time. The music lives on!


By now you may have heard the news.  Rapper and Philanthropist Nipsey Hussel was gun down in front of his store in Los Angeles, California. The hip-hop community is devastated by this news. The murder of a emcee is all too familiar in the hip-hop game. Something we could never get used to.

Some people blame it on jealousy, others say the government was involved because of a documentary about Dr. Sebi, and some think gang violence. All that matters is the lost of a man who wanted to do better for is people.  A man that wanted to be an example of hard work paying off. It’s a tragic loss but his words and inspiring spirit will never be forgotten.

Last year he dropped his debut album, the Grammy nominated, Victory Lap. He’d been putting in work for years on the underground hip-hop scene and his first album was big. So big that it made my podcast’s “Top 5 Albums of 2018” list.  Here’s an excerpt from that show and our thoughts.

Rest in Power Ermias Asghedom 🎤