Janelle Monae- Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]

This is the time where we rejoice.

Janelle Monae is back with her short film (emotion picture) Dirty Computer. Yes fandroids, the album is out and doing record numbers, but we all know to expect Jane to give us food for thought. We expect entertainment. We expect art. She doesn’t disappoint as she returns as 57821, a person who doesn’t fit into society’s small box. She is a rebel (of course) and the short film tackles MUCH of the issues many of us face today. I won’t give away too much, but I suspect that this emotion will spark all types of conversations. At least…I hope it will. Pay attention to some of the symbolism and keep your third eye open. Pretty interesting stuff.

Show your support by buying the album available everywhere music can be found.


[Video] Childish Gambino- This Is America

New visuals from Donald Glover. I like to over analyze music videos and concepts, so I had many ideas when watching this. Gambino is known for pushing the envelope musically, so it’s no surprise that he needed to get this message across. Let me know your thoughts via twitter @Dropajewel and enjoy.

Does My Plant Enjoy Hip Hop?

Peace and Happy Monday. Let’s talk greenery for a second.

At work, I was blessed with a lucky bamboo plant. When I first got her, she was really small and I was nervous about how to take care of her. I work in an office in the basement, where there is no natural light. I don’t have a green thumb, and I can never keep plants at home because my cat is a hungry, curious fellow! In any event, I named the plant Beverly, and vowed to do my best with her. I give her plant food and sing to her daily. She likes the fluorescent light down here and is growing tall and strong. I’ve been reading about plants because I want her to stay healthy and I came across a few articles on plants and music. Plants like vibratory frequencies as do all life forms, and they also have all five senses. Damn, I wonder what kind of music Beverly likes? I wonder if she likes hip hop? 

Check out a good read below from dengarden about music and plant growth. Let me know your thoughts and tips on gardening as well.