{New EP} Anni-Redemption Street EP

Wow. I wasn’t expected to be so blown away by hearing this. Anni is a¬†Helsinki bred songwriter, bringing you fresh tunes with her new EP, Redemption Street. Sometimes it is rare to find artist with the ability to capture an unexpecting audience with just a few songs. Anni has inevitably done just that. This is my introduction to Anni’s music, and I’m eager to see more of her work. I could describe this EP as a bit futuristic and electronic, but the piano gives an analog feel that we can connect to. I hope you check it out and share your thoughts.


{Piano Cover} Erica Bacon-Jay-Z: Thank You

Peace and blessings. I’m a HUGE fan of live instrumentation, as you should know by now. A few weeks ago I posted Nik West’ bass cover of Music Soulchild’s Just Friends, and this go round Erica Bacon did a piano cover of Jay-z’ Thank You. This is one of my favorite Jigga songs, and although the video is a few years old, she nails it. Enjoy.