January Joys of Existence

When walking after the flesh, you will constantly find all to be vanity…most done in chaos and indecency. All for naught. Nothing. At all.

I briefly found myself searching for happiness in food and drink. What soda, what beer will quench my thirst? What food can fill me to the brim of satisfaction? Which pretty girl will kiss my fears and hide my shame? How much money do I need to ease my families burdens and send me to unknown land for my magic feet? Where are the Joneses and what are we in competition for this week?

What happened in the news to make us weak? What holiday approaches so we can momentarily ignore the sorrowful time warp we call life? Who would you be if drugs had devoured you?

How dark is the Black Hole anyway?

{Poem} Rays of God

I saw rays of God through my front door and instantly wanted to worship him. Not a variety of hues around me; only yellows and oranges…the color of hope.

WHY am I up so early? I’m off work and even the busy streets surrounding me are all null/none/nari.

My body feels alive as it is welcoming oxygen in every part that was stiff from last nights death. No breaks from this fast yet. No hydration or vitamins to combat the decay.

I give in to the urges of cat like stretches and yawns; my bones creak, my muscles thank me. My skin is dry and smooth as I run my fingers across my arms. My hair a wooley mess…a mane I’ll never tame.

Through my door I still see God seeping in. I hear him in the silence. I feel him in the not so warm spring breeze. I know him. I want to worship him.

Good Morning To The Existentialist

I was born of a loving family

I learned to walk and talk

I learned to eat and pray

I learned to write and play

I went to school and got good grades, so I could someday get into a good college

I got a boyfriend, because someday I’d make a good wife


I graduated high school and went to college so I could get a good job

I married my boyfriend and became a good wife

I graduated college and got a good job

I became a mom to a loving family


I taught my daughter to walk and talk

I taught her to eat and pray

I taught her to write and play

I made her go to school to get good grades, so someday she’d get into a good college

I told her that having a boyfriend would make her a good wife


Poem by JRP

dedicated to feminist everywhere