[Video] Neeko Bond- From The Bottom

New visuals from Baltimore emcee, Neeko Bond. Neeko is always on his grind, from acting to creating good music, he does it all. Check out the video From The Bottom, visit his soundcloud, and show your twitter love on his new page. #DoItNow

Check out his latest project Sow Dedicated here

{New Album Alert} The Guild-Believe it Or Live a Lie

Ohhh my dear Lordy! Finally! Supergoup The Guild is giving us life with their debut project Believe It or Live a Lie. I’ve been giving you exclusive cuts from the fellas, and now it’s time for you to get aquainted. This is straight up, real hip hop out of the city of Baltimore. Check it out and let me know your thoughts #DoItNow #DropaJewel4Mayor

{New Mixtape Alert} The Funky Diabetic Mixtape


Peace and happy Friday! If you aren’t up on my man Kil over at willmakebeatsforfood.com you are seriously tripping. Big brother always puts together the dopest tapes, this time by way of legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest and Phife Diggy! #RIPPhife Go get your free copy of The Funky Diabetic Mixtape here


{Hip Hop Documentary Review}Murder Rap

Vegas is back with Hip Hop NOW installment, reviewing the documentary Murder Rap. I literally can not keep up with some of these hip hop docs, but props to Vegas for putting me on game. I was a sure fire Biggie fan, and I think it’s always interesting to see the small details that documentaries can add and open up discussion. Show your twitter love @VegasWorldInc and peep his blog hiphopolitic.com.


The Ramble: The Migos Flow

I have shit to rant and ramble about that I want opinions on. So starting today, continuing every so often, I will post The Ramble. Medium reads with a question posed.

I just listened to THREE different tapes permeated in Migos flow.

I feel like Uncle Snoop said it best on the GGN episode with 50 and G-Unit.

Why be someone else when you can be you?

Some these artists are seasoned artists. Some of them hit the freshman list no more than two years ago but has had a following since 2005.

These artists have their own style, flow, etc. So I’m having a hard time understanding why so many are aping the young boys’ flow. Much like T-Pain, when he brought back auto tune, everyone jumped on that wave. Mr. Pain started putting people on notice. To paraphrase, “If Puff pays me for using auto tune, you should too.”

So I know Quavo, Offset & Takeoff feel some kinda way about this. This is what separates them from everyone else. This is what makes people be sonically tied to their music. If someone does it better (which, I personally, don’t think is very hard), it’ll force them into irrelevancy.

Now look rappers, I get it. You wanna keep up with the sound. You don’t wanna be left behind. It’s easier to take than create. But even if you take, flip it! Geez, be original!

Now for my question: With the Migos Flow making its way to every rappers tape, how much of the flow is homage, keeping with the times and how much of it is gross appropriation?

Blade God Syg is a contributor. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Ello (@bladegodsyg).

Drake V. Meek: Syg’s Thoughts

I could sum this whole ordeal in one word…

But I won’t. Instead I’m going to pick this whole thing apart because I LIVE for diss tracks.

Full Disclosure: I greatly dislike both artists’ music but I can name Meek tracks I like.


This is what I expected from Drake. He slightly bared his teeth on Stay Schemin’ & let Murda Mook know he wants someone’s blood. Meek offered himself up.

I love the beat choice. It’s different. Neo-Soul thump. It’s moody & slow. Perfect to reflect on.

I feel like Charged Up was already done days in advance to to Meek’s Twitter rant. Drake had the shots ready.

Never expected this kind of beat to be used to behead a rapper but Drake is good with the choosing of tracks that the people like & dissing niggaz on it.

It was a love tap in the most truest sense of the word. But like one from “Kid Dynamite” Tyson.


  • “Niggaz is snitching on us without no interrogation” – This line stood out to me. More later.
  • “Must I remind you that Jimmy got 20 million on it” – The 1st bar & this lead me to believe that while Drake is unaffected by Meek, the now-infamous rant could have put the Apple Music money in jeopardy, due to the leak of the ghostwriter.
  • “Turning into some so-n-so’s that no one knows/But so it goes/Come live out all your dreams at OVO/We goin make sure you get your bread & you know the ropes/” – I’m probably reaching but it sounds as if Meek, the Dreamchasers crew AND Funkmaster Flex are all unhappy in their applicable situations & Drake has a solution.
  • “No woman ever had me starstruck/or was able to tell me to get my bars up/” -Referencing Rihanna and/or Nicki & insinuating that Nicki Minaj is a better rapper than Meek Mill.
  • “I still got love for my idols/ I got me a deal with Apple& I still feel entitled(TIDAL)/” – Letting the masses know him and Jay Z good.

Rating: 6.5/10 – heard better but impressed nonetheless.


Drake knows how to pick beats. But bruh, SAY HIS NAME. I get you want to dance around his name because he has an album out & you wont promote him to people who don’t know him.

But say his name, Young Lubriderm. If Drake wants dissuade the public that he has or needs a ghostwriter, this is good step. He has bars back to back (no pun intended.)

Also, the bottles of champagne for Charlamagne, shouldn’t that be payola or something? Dick move. Bars:

  • “I waited 4 days, nigga where y’all at?/ I drove here in the Wraith, playing AR-Ab/ I’m not sure what it was that really made ya’ll mad/ But I guess this what I gotta do to make ya’ll rap/” – This would have been a better call out if Drake said dude’s alias.
  • “You love her then you gotta give the world to her/ Is that a world tour or ya girl’s tour?/ I know that you gotta be a thug for her/This aint what she meant when she told you to open up more/ Yea, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers/Yea, You gettin’ bodied by a singin’ nigga/I’m not the type of nigga that’ll type to niggaz/And Shout to all my boss bitches wifin’ niggaz!/Make sure you hit’em with the pre-nup/Then tell that man to ease up/I get another one, I did another one/ You still aint did shit about the other one/” – As far as the mainstream goes, THIS is the type of verbal assault I like to hear, name or not. Drake emasculates Meek here with everything, starting from Meek’s portrayal of a world tour when he opens for Nicki & his need to act tough even when he’s wrong, the fact the thug is getting whooped by Mr. Softy, Nicki being the breadwinner & Meek’s ineptitude to release a 1st diss to counter Drake’s 2. SMACK!!

The rest was filler & shots at anyone around Drake with shifty credibility.

Rating: 7/10 – Coulda been higher but it was too much filler. Also the mixtape track should have been 1st but Drake does things his way.



Meek Mill’s diss track….was garbage.

But not because his bars were sub-par. They were potent. The good ones.

It’s because of the bad mixing and bad timing of the other tracks/audio to the song.

It’s his incoherent, slurred speech.

It’s because of a poor attempt to make a “Jackin’-4-Beats” style diss track into something that’ll make people move.

THE SONG DOES TOO MUCH, accomplishes very little.

I caught the dig at Budden, AR-Ab too.

Meek still has venom but he needs to apply it correctly or go flip some burgers with Ja.


  • “Now when that shit went down with Chris, you wrote a check/ In New Orleans, Wore my chain to get respect/So what that tell me, you a pussy and a fan/ Said in Ross’ shit, you know the shooter’s at ya neck/I just Wanna Know, If you ain’t write that running thru the 6 shit, tell me who was Quentin running thru the 6 with?/” – A lot of big claims in the opening set including that Drake doesn’t even have any experience to write rhymes with.
  • (I listened SO MANY TIMES to try to discern what the hell he was trying to say but on too many occasions, I couldn’t understand him.)
  • “Heard that other nigga talkin’, we ain’t get back yet/Let’s keep it short, you ain’t get ya chick back yet?/” – Obvious dig @ Joe Budden over Tahiry (Let’s take it slow, Meek.)
  • “Puffy almost caught a domestic when he smacked that bitch” – The lead in was nice but he stopped too abruptly. More poor timing with the audio mix. Referencing the well-documented Drake/Diddy scuffle.

Did AR-Ab say anything about Meek to warrant the disrespect? Wasn’t Meek dickriding Ab on his also sub-par Cassidy diss?

Rating: 2.5/10 – Meek talks almost as much as he raps which leads to a weak track with out a leg to stand on. Poor enunciation, ill-placed audio tracks, shoddy, put together beats & abrupt stops in his flow takes all the air from the wings of this track.

TL;DR: Good for the culture but ultimately sub-par.


See, I did it.

P.S. This is beef.

“Don’t you ever talk of killing me, word to Allah/I squeeze the burner in ya face till it turn into tar/”