{Article}The Girlfriend Experience


Wow. This is a really dope article from Studioatgawker, about someone who gets paid to be a girlfriend. Like…more than JUST a sex worker. I think that some people are maybe too busy to go try to make a relationship the old fashioned way and hell, we all get lonely sometimes. If I caught the tail end of the article correctly, the series The Girlfriend Experience appears on starrz. I’m going to have to check this out.

(NSFW) I Don’t Even Know What To Title This

Sex and games. Two things most people wouldn’t think would intersect, but they crossover more than a Marvel movie. Romance options are in lots of games from the innocent styling of Fire Emblem to games like The Witcher & God Of War.

Earlier today, I find myself on Kotaku, reading about a game called Sexy Beach. The game is foreign to me, so I figured a quick YouTube search couldn’t hurt.

After watching a few videos to understand how much combat would play in the game (it doesn’t), I glanced toward the side bar & noticed some other games that were considered to be similar.

This is one of the many bad choice clicks I made:

FINAL FUCK: The Lady Warriors

Final Fuck. Yep.

A 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring no depth.

Whoever created this game must of modeled the characters after some of those super voluptuous, mostly naked Instagram models. What’s really bad though, is the use of other games assets (no pun) like Streets of Rage & what I think is either Samurai Showdown or King of Fighters.

I don’t even know what that objective of this game is, outside of “Dont Get Fucked”.


What looks like a mildly fun platformer with a naked woman becomes a sex filled romp. At least the sex plays into the mechanics this go round. You receive 5 hearts after every sexual act on a felled enemy and those hearts can be used to activate heart statues, although I don’t know what they do.

You can kind of see what games inspired it & it looks like it uses original assets, so good on them for that.


Show me your moves! No, really. This games is mainly about sex positions.


Half-Life: Random Hookup Edition

This was actually kind of interesting. The fact this was Games for Windows actually gives SOME (very little) credit. It starts on the blind date tip, meeting an super easy girl & WHAM, you’re in the newest version of Saw.

Just with sex.

It’s all very confusing but slightly intriguing, as far as story goes. Badly written it seems but eh, whaddya gonna do?



These games are repulsive but anyone that knows about sex in video games has probably heard of these two. Just watch and forgive me for subjecting you to this.

Personally, I don’t mind sex in a video game, so long as it serves a purpose in game, instead of fapping to it. If it’s only in to arouse the player and has no real mechanic or doesn’t move the story forward, at the very least, it should be removed.

Digital sex looks wack anyway.

P.S. At least the goal in Senran Kagura is to keep your clothes on.