Sony & Nintendo’s Super System That Never Was (UPDATE)

Remember when Sony and Nintendo shook up the world with the Playstation???


Me either but it ALMOST happened.

There’s a whole Reddit thread about it. Check it out.

Source: Reddit

UPDATE: Here’s a video!!

Spotify to Playstation, Connect is Go


This is for the streamers & This for the customers, This for the customers hot for them streams….

Earlier this month, Playstation shuttered it’s Music Unlimited program in favor of a partnership with Spotify where users can connect their accounts & play music while playing the game on PS4, PS3 and Xperia devices, successfully sidestepping any Bullshit patents on playing music off one’s HDD.

While Playstation Blog reports you need Spotify Premium to enjoy the service, other sites are reporting otherwise.

Xbox users are are stuck in a lurch, as this agreement is exclusive to Sony devices but hey, you guys have your MP3 storage. Doesn’t Xbox have a Slacker Radio app?


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