[Article] How I Healed From Crohns Disease

First, let me preface this by saluting everyone world wide who is fighting the good fight against crohns disease. I was diagnosed in 2015, after years of medication for a mystery illness affecting my joints, eyes, and skin. The disease affects everyone differently, and can be super difficult to cope with. I came across this article/blog by Meghan Telpner on some tools she used in her healing journey. There is no cure for crohns (they say), but I believe in the healing and transforming of lives through the human spirit and the power of the most high God. Check out the article, and notice how much of these practices could be beneficial to your everyday life regardless of your situation. Spread light! #DoItNow


Tuna Strong XXX: Too Provacative To Sell Fish?

Listening to The Kane Show (V104.3), Kane describes a commercial that he feels is way too provactive for selling tuna fish.

Here’s the offensive video below:

Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. He feel like he’s reaching with this one.

She’s just doing yoga. Leave a comment how you feel about it

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Reasons To Love Janelle Monae’s Yoga

Ms. Monae returns with new visuals for the second single coming from The Wondaland compilation The Eephus.

Allow me to reintroduce myself as a fandroid. I’ve been completely smitten with Ms. Monae after hearing a few cuts from The Audition, back in my public radio college days (My Favorite Nothing still goes). I saw her at the 930 club in DC, by the time The ArchAndroid dropped…oh what an experience!

As a die hard fan, I’m thankful to see people FINALLY getting hip to The Wondaland crew. I’m still enjoying Deep Cotton’s Runaway Radio EP. This go round, Ms. Monae teams up with Jidenna to bring you the hypnotizing Yoga. I love it, now let me count the ways:

  1. The video is serving up Janet Jackson realness. You remember the That’s The Way Love Goes video? Janet and her homegirls kicking it in the crib dancing and jamming out. Yeah…The opening scene of Yoga gives me that laid back feel. It’s somewhat nostalgic.
  2. The song is catchy as hell. As soon as the beat drops, you are instantly immersed into charismatic word play and trap beat vibes. All love! I’m so hip hop to the core, all I could say was “yup”. ** “sweatin in the club, call me dirty Diana”** “You can not police me, so get off my areola”**
  3. Ms. Monae shows you another side to her femininity. She gave you just enough skin to say “Im comfortable, I’m bad, and I don’t have to be naked for you to see that”. Amazingly enough, this reminded me of when Aaliyah’s We Need a Resolution video dropped. I hadn’t really seen Aaliyah in a dress and it was mysteriously captivating…like she wanted to show you another side of the “street but sweet” girl.

I said ALL of that, just to hope that you check it out for yourself without trying to objectify the artistry or put Ms. Monae in a box. Enjoy the music for Christ sake!!! Also, I compared her to the likes of the legendary Ms. Jackson (cuz I’m nasty), but understand that Ms. Monae has created a lane for herself and her Wondaland family. Stay tuned as The Eephus drops in May (I can’t wait) and show your twitter love @JanelleMonae @Wondaland.