{New Music} OG Dutch Master- O

My man Dutchy is back with new tunes for the streets! O was shot by Terrance Smalls and Chad Wilkerson, directed and edited by OG Dutch Master. This brother is always putting on for the city of Baltimore. Make sure you stay tuned for his upcoming project and show your love on his twitter @OGDutchMaster.

This free engine is Unreal



Budding video game developers and miscellaneous finger twiddlers, the world’s most popular video game engine is now FREE!

Instead of paying for a license like in the olden days, it’s free to use to your puny heart’s content. Epic will still take a small amount of any profits made (5%) as compared to what they used to take (25%, on top of licensing).

I wonder how the indie games scene will look now. Twiddle away, gents.

Check the source for more info.

Source: Epic

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