What are your thoughts on women in tech? Interesting read…


The Anita Borg Institute’s annual list of the “best place for female technologists” is out. While you might expect to see a big-name Silicon Valley tech company at the top, the actual winner is BNY Mellon [fortune-stock symbol=”BK”]. ABI, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing women in computing, praised the bank, along with 12 other companies, as places “where women technologists can thrive.”

So, what exactly does that mean? The select their top 13, ABI began with a list of 35 tech firms with a total technical workforce of more than 435,000. All companies in the pool cooperated with the nonprofit, providing in-depth metrics on employment at four levels. The data measured women’s representation in technical positions ranging from entry-level to executive, ABI VP Elizabeth Ames told Fortune. ABI also looked at the percentage of women recruited and promoted at each company.

To create the final list, ABI…

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