Batman: Arkham Knight – Time for a Director’s Cut??

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st play through of Rocksteady’s 3rd foray into the Batman Arkham world. I’m a PS4 user, though, and will wipe my ass with leaderboards, so technical problems haven’t reared their ugly head yet.

Back to the article, feels the game is lacking in some respects & I’m inclined to agree on some fronts, still, it makes for a great game that shouldn’t be missed.

I’ll be streaming the game in the near future, so those still skeptical can sneak a peek. Be sure to check for future updates.

And hey, Rocksteady? Maybe you should read the article after the jump & consider Director’s Cut with all DLC plus revised scenes and fights, instead of your usual GOTY mid-holiday season lump?

Source: WhatCulture

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