Eat It, TMZ

First and foremost, f*ck TMZ and everybody who loves them. It is my humble opinion as a consistent student of mass media and a backing B.S. degree *pops collar* that TMZ is responsible for ruining the lives of celebrities across the globe. They expose people at their weakest moments (remember Amy Winehouse) and metaphorically party on the downfalls that celebrities face…for f*cks sake, celebrities are people too. Also, what type of world do we live in, where we care SOOO much about pop culture? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with raising our children, getting our portfolios together and making the world a better place? This post is for everyone who is sick of celebrity news…God bless you. Check out this article (which is speculation at this point) about The New Yorker and the promise of perpetually sticking it to TMZ. We are saved.

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