The Opening of your Chakras…

Happy Monday morning and praise God. As I was web and app surfing, I came across a discussion on ‘opening your third eye’. You know how on threads and message boards, someone poses a reason or list an experience and people comment for eons? To make a long story short, the guy tells the story of how he opened his third eye and ended up attracting evil entities. He never actually listed what he did to open said third eye, because he didn’t want anyone to try it and have the negative experience with this ‘presence’.
People. Were. Pissed.
I got the idea that the commentators didn’t care about attracting evil, they just wanted to ‘feel something’. I had always heard of people opening “the door” to the spiritual realm and not being able to close it…I’ve hears that it consumes and destroys you. With that in mind, how do you safely open up your third eye? Checkout the article below about the struggle in opening up the chakras and share your thoughts.

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