[GRAPHIC CONTENT] If You Thought Hannibal Lecter Was A Chump…

When I was 16, I remember being shown the movie Hannibal in my psychology class. I couldn’t tell you what we were reviewing but I was always entranced by Lecter’s moves. The for such an old, feeble looking man, the good doctor’s moves were always very well executed.

The scenes I remember the most from the movie Hannibal were this one of him hanging with friends:

There’s another one where he stabs a man ever so discreetly but I can’t find a clip anywhere.

Stupid Internet.

Over at Fightland, they take a closer look at Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s combat history and knowledge of the human body made him a calculated killing machine. They go over the TV series, books…the whole trans-media franchise.

Besides the brain-eating and such, I aspire to be great like that one day.

Source: Fightland – Analyzing Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s Combat Skills

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