{New Ish} Hardwork Movement- Living Legend (Prod. by Arpeggio and Phozz)

Yessuh!! New music from the Hardwork Movement. Hardwork Movement is an alternative hip-hop group based out of Philadelphia. Though they are labeled as hip-hop, the group’s music is cross-genre, celebrating not only traditional hip-hop, but neo-soul and indie influences. The group is composed 4 members, 3 emcees (West Philly rapper’s Sterling Duns, RB Ricks and Rick Banks) and one vocalist (Keys). With a longstanding friendship, the group has been creating music for the past three years releasing 4 mixtapes in the process and playing shows from Philadelphia to Brooklyn and DC. They will be releasing their upcoming, “Good Problems” on January 7th, 2016.

This latest track, produced by NY based producer Phozz and Philly producer Arpeggio features the Duns, Ricks, and Banks goin in as Keys empowers the people to see themselves as Living Legends akin to “Hendrix, Michael, and Marvin”. #GetExcited

In my opinion, these cats just make good music. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming shows if you are in the Philadelphia area.

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