Thank You, Mr. Bowie

As you already know, Mr David Bowie transitioned to a higher plateau on Sunday, January 10, 2016. We found out late that he had been fighting cancer, and kicked it’s ass. I hate when people say ‘lost the battle to cancer’ because fuck cancer.

In any event, we at posted the video for Blackstar back in November and it didn’t open up the dialogue to my liking. I mentioned how the video scared the shit out of me and I waited for your thoughts…to no avail. For me, Bowie’s work has ALWAYS been art in its rawest form, open for interpretation!! Now that he’s gone, we are left with his Blackstar album and all of our opinions combined. After giving the album a few listens, and using my occult clues, I have personally determined that this was a goodbye and thank you illuminated album.

In numerology the number 7 represents completion. This was his 25th album (2+5=7), and the album had 7 tracks on it. Also, the date of his death added up to an 11, an infinite/eternal number. I’ve noticed many similarities with the passing of musicians over time; but that my friends is a post for another day.

The overall feel of the album for me was dark, eerie, and ritualistic. I’m in love with art that will make you think…and this doesn’t disappoint. An album review from The Atlantic went COMPLETELY left field with their theory and I loved the comments! It was written by Spencer Kornhaber and was interesting to say the least.

I’m saddened that he had to leave us, but I am grateful for those still trying to dissect each and every lyric. I’m grateful for music critics who are online debating (right now) on which of his works were best. Thank you Mr. Bowie for your endless, ever inspiring, ever changing works of art and the conversations you’ve started among us all. 

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