Rapper Lupe Fiasco Defeats Street Fighter Pro Daigo in Exhibition

Hip-Hop and video games intersect more often than not, borrowing from one other’s culture. But last night’s crossroads turned out to be a whole different beast.

A rapper beat a professional gamer in his own domain while you were worried about award shows.

Hosted by Mad Catz & sponsored by enough names to block out the sun, dope rapper and video game enthusiast Lupe Fiasco defeats MCZ Daigo Umehara in an exhibition match of the newly released Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 (and PC!).

Who is Daigo you ask?  THIS IS DAIGO:

And this is Lupe (for the non hip-hop heads):

Anyway, I think if money was on the line, we’d see a different Daigo but I’m happy for Lupe! Good on you, bro! The whole match is down below.

eSports FTW.

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