{ New Visuals} Lil Mama- Memes

Aw man, I meant to post this days ago. I’m going to make my thoughts on this brief as I have a tendency to be long winded when something strikes my hip hop nerve. Let me be honest and say that this joint is flat out dope. Lil Mama can spit, and I think she was serving up Lefteye/Queen Pen/Lil Kim realness with this video. The culture has been cruel to Mama since she jumped onstage at the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance where she was just trying to rep her hood. Whatever the reason, I always thought she could rhyme and I wanted to see another up and coming femcee shine. Apparently, I was one of the only ones. Check this video out for yourself and let me know your thoughts. Go ahead and check out her new EP on the site http://www.iamlilmama.com/

P.S.  Lil Mama if you read this, know that many people are sheep and you write your own destiny. There are a few of us out here rocking with you, regardless.



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