{Thoughts} Getting Unplugged

In 2016, technology seems to rule our everyday lives. From e-books to emails, tweeting and texting, blogging and gaming; our world has become one big ass matrix in a black hole… never ending. In the past few weeks I was discouraged by the injustices happening all across our great nation and decided it was time to free myself. All over the news were reports of what I saw as race wars, hate crimes, religion bashing and moral decomposition. As a Capricorn, a pessimist and a realist I instantly was depressed. As a Christian I wept for humanity. I considered what God must be thinking as he watched his creation destroy themselves. As a Black woman and friend to the LGBT community, I was outraged. I needed a break. I decided to get unplugged.

Media is a powerful tool. It can evoke emotions and incite action, good bad or indifferent. All media had been giving me was a feeling of hopelessness. I logged out of my twitter. I turned my tv off. I didn’t think about this blog. As I cut my phone off, I realized that I didn’t owe anyone a thing! Not an explanation or a reason for being unreachable or silent. I went to my room and picked up a book that I should’ve finished 2 years ago. All was quiet. I could feel my mind escaping as I read. I was starting to feel better.

This went on for a few days and I decided I could rejoin society. I cut my phone my phone back on and gradually eased my way back into my normal routine. In the blink of an eye, everybody was catching fucking pokemon…and so it goes.

In conclusion, I love being social. I love technology and the ability to have such easy access to damn near anything I want on my smart device. There does however, come a time when you have to be social with your self. There comes a time when you have to detach from the ills of this realm and get in tune with the spirit. Afterall, media IS programming us all (don’t make me turn this think piece into a rant). If you get the chance, take some quiet prayer/mediation time and get in tune with one of the most important things in your everyday life…you. #Namaste

2 thoughts on “{Thoughts} Getting Unplugged”

  1. You are so very fortunate to both have the time and ability to cut off your links to the cyber-world. However I believe that even if people have the time they do not have the will anymore to sever that link.


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