Brother Berg’s Super Bowl Theory Explained

Peace! I don’t dive too much into gematria because it sometimes flies over my head. I will say, that Brother Berg has yet to bring inaccurate information. I sometimes use the word “theory” while breaking it down, because folks have a tendency to get scared if I just throw it at them.Check out his thoughts on the upcoming Super bowl and remember that numbers don’t lie. #Namaste

Coach Green died on 7/22 ~ the very day of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Viking’s new US Bank Stadium (=777) ~ at age 67, highly ominous coding right off the bat, what with the 22/7 Pi symbolism and “Blood Sacrifice” =67, “Human Sacrifice” =67. Denny Green =666. And as we’ll see, his life and death is […]

via Ex-Vikings Coach Dennis Green: Super Bowl Sacrifice —

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