{Rant} If I Need to Remember Another Password…

The smart phone is a great asset to our ever busy lives in 2016. We can shop, game, watch tv, get our daily news etc.  My thirteen year old god-daughter is often glued to her iphone 6. My Mom currently thinks she is a tech genius because she figured out how to use emojis. This wont, however, be a post about the love/hate relationship I have with my android…but an ode to my temporal lobes and other parts of my brain that refuse to  help me remember all these passwords. I know that on average, I use at least 4 apps daily that require passwords (not including the password to unlock my phone). If I’m lucky, the app will offer a pattern option to unlock. HA! Then when I consider online banking, emails, online classes, medical records, job hunting registration, job passwords…it can get a little fuzzy. Oh, did I mention remembering my parents passwords to all of their online bru ha haa…because God knows it’s my responsibility.

In any event, I have started to keep a log of some of these passwords in case my brain decides…fuck it, this is too much. I’m also a fan of Jonathan Levi’s Becoming SuperHuman podcast, and he teaches a course on memory/learning tricks. What are some techniques you use to remember passwords?

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