7 Days of The Best You Challenge

I once considered myself a highly productive person. My ‘type A’ personality allowed for setting unrealistic goals at times just to keep myself sharp. Those days are far behind me now. As I get older it seems the very basic goals are harder to get accomplished. I get side tracked easier. We should evolve as we age so how is this even possible?

I also bore easily so I would pick up a trending online challege from time to time. The no alcohol challenge. The no social media for x amount of days kind of deal. You know the kind?! I’m game for anything that mirrors the idea of bettering the self, and this challenge walked into mind. Seven days of your best self!

This seven days of the best you challenge would allow you to do whatever it is that you think allows you to be a better version of…you know, you. It could be exercising, fasting, working overtime, mediation, or something deep in your heart. There is no criteria except to DO IT. What do you say? Let me know if you’re game and what you come up with.

Happy Challenge!

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