The Beauty of YOU

Have you ever just taken a quiet moment to sit back and think about what it means to be you? Recently I was having flashbacks on the “ME” I’ve been over the past few decades. I’ve easily been the daughter, the rebel, the student, and a ton of other labels and titles given or created over time. This lead me to think about who I am as a person outside of these labels and does any of this matter in the grand game of life. Well shit, does it?

If you are anything like me, you have created your own labels as you develop and grow as a person. I know many self proclaimed stoners, as some of us label ourselves by what we do. We often label and stereotype based on location, age, sex, color, creed etc. Do these titles help us communicate with others and find our tribe? Think of your career, does that define who you are?

I look at my very moral upbringing and parents who, despite being devout Christians, allowed me to be whoever I wanted to be…supporting me in the process. They allowed me to make my own decisions and shared in my wins and losses in navigating early adulthood. They still do. Were my parents SO awesome because I am literally the sum of who they are?

I look at an ever changing world around us. All of the medias are programming us into a never ending flash mob of robots. Running the rat race and chasing the same goals of fame and fortune. Do those things even speak to you?

And what does it mean to be you anyway? Beautiful you. Who actually defines you but you?


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