{New Music} Beck-Wow

After Beck’s Morning Phase album a few years back, I had pretty much slid him into musical genius category. He returns now with WOW, reinventing his sound yet again. I’m anxious to see what this album is going to sound like. Let me know what you think of this track and it’s hip hop feel. #DoItNow

{New Mixtape Alert} AJ Suede- Name Brand Water

New ish from one of my favorite underground emcees, AJ mutha effin Suede! I’ve been trying to get ya’ll familiar with the East Stroudsburg rapper for a minute now, and I feel you catching up!

Name Brand Water is his first release of 2016 so we can spark the new year off right. This project features a host of producers including Ghost Mcgrady, Thrvd and Locvst to name a few. So far my favorite cuts are Red Eyes Dragon, Darknet, Calamity, and Stay Woke.

“This right here is that holy water for the soul. This is that shit that took me back to when I was a teenager, to simpler times.” – Your cousin

“After the release of Name Brand Water, the numbers for supermarket brand water has plummeted dramatically.” – WNEP16 News

Shouts out to the whole Freeminds Collective for always keeping me abreast of the new ish! Follow his twitter @AJSuede and let me know your thoughts on Name Brand Water.

{New Visuals} Junglepussy- Dear Diary

Maaan this joint is dope. I’m still trying to figure out how I can play this on radio in an artful way…Can’t say pussy on public radio. Newp! Her sophmore LP ‘Pregnant With Success’ is due next month. Check it out and show your twitter love @Junglepussy