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I’m really into text games right now. I don’t feel like the hassle of slow loading graphic imagery. Check out this list provided by the good people at Gadgets and share some of your favorite games. Go!


Patriots vs Rams Old Head Style

When you haven’t watched a full NFL season in like two years, you start to lose that energy. In this case, I get a little nostalgic. The Patriots and Rams meet in the Super Bowl tonight and what better way to take of advantage of all the attention then to dig up an epic battle from the past. It’s ESPN NFL 2k5 versus Madden NFL 2005 all over again.

Here’s the short story…this was the last time that Madden had any real competition in the consumer market. After this year, EA secured the exclusive license to make NFL football video games. This was also the year when 2K Sports aggressively priced their game at 19.99 retail. This move then forced Madden to drop the price of Madden 05 to 29.99 retail. The pettiness was epic for video game sports fans, but it all came to an abrupt end.

In 2019, Madden is still the only choice if you want to play a new NFL game. So let’s go back in time and enjoy old school teams and gameplay.  Both games are being played on a PS2 emulator for PC. Both games are running at 60fps but Madden has glitches with its stadium. Nevertheless, the gameplay is there. Both games play out, and end dramatically different.


ESPN NFL 2K5 “Patriots vs. Rams”

Madden NFL 2005 “Rams vs. Patriots”

Microsoft’s Gaming Chief On the Future of Xbox — TIME

Microsoft made some big announcements about the future of the Xbox gaming platform this week at the annual E3 conference. Among the top headlines were two new pieces of hardware: A slimmer version of the company’s current console called the Xbox One S, as well as a turbocharged “Project Scorpio” model coming next year. TIME…

via Microsoft’s Gaming Chief On the Future of Xbox — TIME

They’re Still Making Resident Evil Games??

Apparently, Capcom is coming out with a new Resident Evil spin-off game called Umbrella Corps next month. It looks alot like The Division with some survivor horror baked in.

Personally, after this janky video, I feel it needs more time in the oven.

Article: 8 Addicting Mobile Games That Feel Like Full-Time Jobs

I can’t say that I’m really big on mobile gaming. I think my eyes are lazy and don’t want to have to focus on small detail on adventure type of games. I DO however like the old school joints like tetris, bejeweled, and dope wars. Check out this article on some of the most addictive mobile games right now, and share some of your favorites.


Fu-Sion-Ha! Monsters Meld In Pokemon Infinite Fuison

When a Charmander and a Haunter love each other very, very much….


If aberrations such as THIS (and others! Fuckin Gryachu!) don’t bother you, be sure to check out this fan game called Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

If this isn’t enough reason to why playing God is wrong, I don’t know what is.

(NSFW) I Don’t Even Know What To Title This

Sex and games. Two things most people wouldn’t think would intersect, but they crossover more than a Marvel movie. Romance options are in lots of games from the innocent styling of Fire Emblem to games like The Witcher & God Of War.

Earlier today, I find myself on Kotaku, reading about a game called Sexy Beach. The game is foreign to me, so I figured a quick YouTube search couldn’t hurt.

After watching a few videos to understand how much combat would play in the game (it doesn’t), I glanced toward the side bar & noticed some other games that were considered to be similar.

This is one of the many bad choice clicks I made:

FINAL FUCK: The Lady Warriors

Final Fuck. Yep.

A 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring no depth.

Whoever created this game must of modeled the characters after some of those super voluptuous, mostly naked Instagram models. What’s really bad though, is the use of other games assets (no pun) like Streets of Rage & what I think is either Samurai Showdown or King of Fighters.

I don’t even know what that objective of this game is, outside of “Dont Get Fucked”.


What looks like a mildly fun platformer with a naked woman becomes a sex filled romp. At least the sex plays into the mechanics this go round. You receive 5 hearts after every sexual act on a felled enemy and those hearts can be used to activate heart statues, although I don’t know what they do.

You can kind of see what games inspired it & it looks like it uses original assets, so good on them for that.


Show me your moves! No, really. This games is mainly about sex positions.


Half-Life: Random Hookup Edition

This was actually kind of interesting. The fact this was Games for Windows actually gives SOME (very little) credit. It starts on the blind date tip, meeting an super easy girl & WHAM, you’re in the newest version of Saw.

Just with sex.

It’s all very confusing but slightly intriguing, as far as story goes. Badly written it seems but eh, whaddya gonna do?



These games are repulsive but anyone that knows about sex in video games has probably heard of these two. Just watch and forgive me for subjecting you to this.

Personally, I don’t mind sex in a video game, so long as it serves a purpose in game, instead of fapping to it. If it’s only in to arouse the player and has no real mechanic or doesn’t move the story forward, at the very least, it should be removed.

Digital sex looks wack anyway.

P.S. At least the goal in Senran Kagura is to keep your clothes on.

May the 4th: My Favorite Star Wars Games

Happy Star Wars Day, people!

On this day of reveals & reverence for this age old franchise that we know and love, at 4 p.m. today, I stopped to think what was my favorite Star Wars moment.

Was it Luke losing a hand? Vader kinda coming around to the light? Leia in her slave garb? It was none of these.

My Favorite moment in Star Wars was learning how to do Luke’s lightsaber toss combo in “Masters of Teras Kasi”. Using that skill on Mara Jade, boy! That sense of accomplishment put Syg’s heart gauge on F.

Star Wars has so much of an impact on gaming, more than people would think. So I got to thinking…What’s my All-Time Star Wars game?

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (PS1)

First, I’d have to check the history. I don’t remember any Star Wars games on Genesis or SNES. My earliest memory of comes from the aforementioned PlayStation game.

My “big bro” figure used to thoroughly whip my ass in that game. Had to bother him for weeks to lemme borrow it, so I could get good enough for me to beat him ONE round.

It was weighty, clunky and blocky but Hell, it was a 3D fighter on PS1. Hell of a time but that wasn’t my most fun with a Star Wars game.

Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles (PS1)

Another PlayStation gem. I played The Phantom Menace, hated it. Greatly. This was eons ago but I remember the gameplay wasn’t bad but it was lacking. Also, all the damn talking. Then “Big Bro” got Jedi Power Battles.

First off, No more of just bland ass & his pupil. We get a selection of people to pick, including my main man Plo Koon and resident paraplegic, Darth Maul. Throw in multiplayer, take out the story & the stiffness of Phantom Menace and prepare for a good time. Ah, Memories…but still not the experience I’m looking for.

Star Wars: Knights Of the Old Republic

Now I don’t know what drew me to this OG Xbox game. I think it was the fact I could create my own Jedi (because really? Who the fuck wanted to make a gunner/smuggler & not use a lightsaber?). Even though the story started incredibly slow, the atmosphere, characters really made me take a serious look into all things Star Wars. Besides, dem combos! Force Tornado, Force Lightning & Lightsaber throw. Everything dies.

Light side. Dark side. Custom Lightsaber combos. NPC interaction. I loved so much about this glitchy ass game. If I could get a true successor to KOTOR & not that Old Republic MMO (which is great, I just don’t like gaming on a keyboard), I could die a marginally happy villain.

What’s your favorite Star Wars game?


Honorable Mention: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Euphoria. Lightsabers. Nuff Said.

Blade God Syg is a contributor. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram or Ello (@bladegodsyg).

Games, Dope and Hip Hop

DopeNeedleI am not gamer, nor have I ever claimed to be. I am not a guru on what’s new and trendy in the gaming industry. However, I just so happen to be friends with some pretty game savvy folks who are always willing to keep me abreast of the new gaming trends. A buddy of mine and I were having a conversation about the old games we used to play back in our Baltimore City public school days. A personal favorite of mine and a cult classic was Dope Wars.

According to Wikipedia, Drug Wars was created by John E. Dell back in 1984. Dope Wars was a more popular rendition of the game upgraded by Ben Webb. Michael Swain built upon it for its release on graphing calculators. I was lucky enough to play it on my TI-83 (graphing calculator) in class where I would learn nothing math related…or so I thought. The game actually taught me the value of profit!  The key is to buy drugs for a low amount of money and sell them for much higher across the boroughs. BOOM!

It’s very possible that I was drawn to the game due to my love of hip hop culture. When I was coming up, the rappers I listened to were also drug dealers. I wanted to be a rapper so naturally I wanted to sell drugs. Thanks to Dope Wars I could do it legally. I don’t rhyme anymore, but I still listen to hip hop. The rappers now days don’t inspire me to do anything, let alone sell drugs. Nevertheless…I am now a high scoring drug dealer moving that dope on my smart device. Salute to Oliver Dupont for his app version of Dope Wars. I think he did a really good job with his adaptation.  If you want to get hooked on it again, check out his version on Google Play here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.odupont.android.dopewars&hl=en