[Article] Market analytics: Figuring out how much cash million-dollar Android app makers really make

Happy Thursday, Happy 420 for all the chiefers. In any event, I was recently chopping it up with my tech savvy buddies on if app makers actually make any cash. Here’s a great article giving you there spin on things. Check it out.


How To Avoid Malware on your smart device

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve come across text messages from different contacts that contained spam links. Luckily, the anti virus program on my phone blocked the links and let me know they contained malware.  As a victim of random computer viruses over the years, I’ve learned a few things about cyber security. From time to time, you’ll find this blog featuring new ways to secure your data from mobile phones to desktops. Molly Mclaughlin, a tech expert, did a great piece on how to detect which apps are safe to use and what to do in the future. Check it out here

[Article] 7 New Mobile Games You Should Be Playing this Week

Game Zebo is giving me life with their list of 7 new mobile games we should be playing right now. I can’t keep up with the gaming community, mobile or otherwise, so I’ll be sampling a few of these myself. What mobile games are you playing right now? Share you thoughts and check out the list below. #DropaJewel4Mayor


Article: 8 Addicting Mobile Games That Feel Like Full-Time Jobs

I can’t say that I’m really big on mobile gaming. I think my eyes are lazy and don’t want to have to focus on small detail on adventure type of games. I DO however like the old school joints like tetris, bejeweled, and dope wars. Check out this article on some of the most addictive mobile games right now, and share some of your favorites.


Article: Serial Reader: An app that delivers literature to your phone in daily snippets

What a way to revolutionize the way we read. I’m a binge reader…if the book is good, I wont put it down for days at a time until I’m finished. I think this app is for those who want to knock down reading classics, but maybe dont have time. Brilliant idea.


Article: 50 apps to improve your smartphone

There is literally an app for everything. Looking through this list (shouts out to The Guardian) I realized I actually use a couple of these apps. I’ve been meaning to get a hold of that Zombies Run app, sure nuff! Check out the article below and let me know your thoughts.