How To Avoid Malware on your smart device

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve come across text messages from different contacts that contained spam links. Luckily, the anti virus program on my phone blocked the links and let me know they contained malware.  As a victim of random computer viruses over the years, I’ve learned a few things about cyber security. From time to time, you’ll find this blog featuring new ways to secure your data from mobile phones to desktops. Molly Mclaughlin, a tech expert, did a great piece on how to detect which apps are safe to use and what to do in the future. Check it out here

Article: Nvidia blames Apple for bug that exposes porn browsing in Chrome’s incognito mode

Let me begin by saying ‘it’s 2016…stop watching porn you dirty bastards’. I’m just kidding, but I do make a pretty penny debugging your computers and removing viruses because you want to watch naughty ish on your browser.

In any event, this article was less about porn as it was discussing the bug that exposes your viewing habits in chrome.
Check out the article below and remember that your browsing history isn’t  safe anyway.