Article: Coachella 2018 Lineup

The good folks over at Pitchfork are keeping us informed with the ‘need to know’ facts for Coachella! I have zero friends attending this year, so I must envy many strangers on their voyage. Check out the lineup in the link below. Happy Concert Hunting!

[Article] Alcohol Effects on The Body

There I was, laying in my bed this rainy Sunday morning when I scrolled pass this article. Time magazine touches on the effects that alcohol has on the body over time. Oddly enough, I just watched a Netflix flick a few months ago titled “The Truth About Alcohol.” It put some myths to rest and clarified some truths on drinking. In any event, visit the time article below and share your thoughts. Are you drinking too much?

[Article] 4 Steps People Who Weren’t Born Rich Can Take to Get Rich

Thank you Mr. Russell! These are the types of articles that can get you  on the path to wealth without immediately stressing. I pray all of our readers have a prosperous new year…finances included! Check out Entrepreneur’s take on ways to get rich.

How To Avoid Malware on your smart device

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve come across text messages from different contacts that contained spam links. Luckily, the anti virus program on my phone blocked the links and let me know they contained malware.  As a victim of random computer viruses over the years, I’ve learned a few things about cyber security. From time to time, you’ll find this blog featuring new ways to secure your data from mobile phones to desktops. Molly Mclaughlin, a tech expert, did a great piece on how to detect which apps are safe to use and what to do in the future. Check it out here

{Video} Dick Gregory on The Breakfast Club

Let me preface this by saying, I love Dick Gregory! He frequents a radio show down here at my station and is good friends with the host. He is an inspiration, a truth seeker and funny as hell. The part people miss is the straight up FACTS he gives, as many are comfortable in enjoying their own ignorance. Mr. Dick Gregory is a voice of wisdom in a time when we need encouragement. Check out his interview on The Breakfast Club, and keep you ears wide open.