[Article] 4 Steps People Who Weren’t Born Rich Can Take to Get Rich

Thank you Mr. Russell! These are the types of articles that can get you  on the path to wealth without immediately stressing. I pray all of our readers have a prosperous new year…finances included! Check out Entrepreneur’s take on ways to get rich. 


{New ish} Dee 1- Sallie Mae Back

Finally, a song that students all over the United States can relate to. For those unfamiliar, sallie mae is an alternative student loan for those who wish to continue their education. She will assure you the loan, but she is diligent and steadfast in making sure you pay her back…on time…with interest…every month. Shouts out to Dee 1! I am currently paying Sallie Mae back, and I owe her less than the price of a Beyonce concert ticket. Pray my strength. #DropaJewel4Mayor

Article: I spent 5 years studying rich people, and here are the 6 best pieces of advice I can give you about making more money

Another great article from Business Insider! It’s funny how people read about wealth, but very few actually become rich. I know I’ve personally done much research on how to better my finances and I think
I’m on the right track. Let me know your thoughts!