50th Anniversary Woodstock Festival

No way.

Woodstock was that iconic rock festival that music junkies of my age bracket would only dream of attending. And it’s back, again. Spin magazine is reporting that one of the co founders of the festival is bringing a three day Anniversary concert to New York this summer.


I vaguely remember it making an appearance some years ago…something about setting port a potties on fire and mob rioting. Let’s hope for a smooth ride this year. Lord willing, I’ll be there. May the spirit of the late great Jimi Hendrix light the way.

[Podcast] Hip Hop Now: Episode 95 with Vegas

This week Vegas remembers J Dilla, reviews the Jaz The Rapper vs. E-Hart battle, gets into Ice Cube’s 25th anniversary edition of Death Certificate, and much more! Follow his twitter @VegasWorldInc and get your hip hop fix on HipHopolitic.com. #DoItNow

How To Avoid Malware on your smart device

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve come across text messages from different contacts that contained spam links. Luckily, the anti virus program on my phone blocked the links and let me know they contained malware.  As a victim of random computer viruses over the years, I’ve learned a few things about cyber security. From time to time, you’ll find this blog featuring new ways to secure your data from mobile phones to desktops. Molly Mclaughlin, a tech expert, did a great piece on how to detect which apps are safe to use and what to do in the future. Check it out here

{Thoughts}Child Star Turned Rapper, Orlando Brown’s F*ck My Fame

Well, well, well…what the hell is going on here? We have new music from child star Orlando Brown entitled Fuck My Fame. For those of you unfamiliar, Brown was a child actor in the 90’s starring in many movies and more recently the Disney Channel tv series That’s So Raven, opposite Raven Symone. I’ve read the recent claims that Brown has gone off the deep end (as many child stars do) getting locked up, drugging out and making claims about his sexcapades with other child stars (no shade). In any event, I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on with child stars REALLY? Are they trying to shake the squeeky clean child image? Are they bored with all that money? Are the just people trying to be people and express themselves? As a functioning member of a non-child star society, and a regular Joe, I’ve noticed that ALL regular Joes have an opinion on what happens when you are in the limelight at such a young age etc etc. The fact still remains that our opinions, no matter how well articulated are just that…OPINIONS. I am not the person willing to sit down and execute hours of research and case studies as to why people do what they do…rich or not. Kudos to those who give that many fucks. In any event, for the sake of this blog being free, clear, and open minded, I wanted to give Brown’s single Fuck My Fame an unbiased listen…and it ACTUALLY isn’t bad. Could just be me, but I’m all for individuality and deep end madness too. *shrug* Check out the video and lend me your thoughts.

Article:Janis Joplin Biopic On The Way

Oh praise be God! It’s about time that all the chips fell in place for a Janis Joplin biopic. I LITERALLY was just playing ‘Down on Me’ on my way to work yesterday.

Joplin was a member of the 27 club, but her music still lives on today. She was a pioneer and a rock legend! We need this!! There are few musicians who leave a lasting impact, but I can still hear her influence in some of this generation’s artistry. I also grow tired of record labels milking the hell out of dead musicians…especially when they are habitually milking the same ones i.e. Tupac, Kurt Cobain etc. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED Kurt, but we don’t need another album of sporadic yelling. I digress…we move on.

Very excited for this film tho. Long live rock and roll.


Article: Sly and the Family Stone Trumpeter Cynthia Robinson Has Died

I feel like I’m always the last to know everything. According to internet sources, Cynthia Robinson succumbed to cancer this past Monday. She played the trumpet for Sly and The Family Stone and was the first black female trumpet player that I was ever aware of, growing up. God rest her soul and check out the article courtesy of Pitchfork.