[Article] Jean-Michel Basquiat: The neglected genius

The thing I love most about art, is the fact that it is so open to interpretation, that the artist could paint something one way and the viewer see something completely different. The thing I hate most about art, is chances are, an artist will be good and dead before ever given a decent amount of recognition. Cue this BBC article on Jean-Michel Basquiat, and share your thoughts.


Article:Janis Joplin Biopic On The Way

Oh praise be God! It’s about time that all the chips fell in place for a Janis Joplin biopic. I LITERALLY was just playing ‘Down on Me’ on my way to work yesterday.

Joplin was a member of the 27 club, but her music still lives on today. She was a pioneer and a rock legend! We need this!! There are few musicians who leave a lasting impact, but I can still hear her influence in some of this generation’s artistry. I also grow tired of record labels milking the hell out of dead musicians…especially when they are habitually milking the same ones i.e. Tupac, Kurt Cobain etc. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED Kurt, but we don’t need another album of sporadic yelling. I digress…we move on.

Very excited for this film tho. Long live rock and roll.