[Article] 35 Happy Little Facts About Bob Ross

Bob Ross. The man. The artist. The legend. I used to watch Bob paint when I was a kid and I knew he was a genius. He was always so in tune with nature and it came across in his paintings. In my humble opinion, he will always be better than I am, because he had squirrels for friends. How peaceful must the human soul be to be friend creatures so small, and make us all feel that they are so important? I rant about Bob to this day, mostly because the wet on wet technique doesnt work well for my art…especially with acrylic paint. This is not the first post I’ve done dedicated to Mr. Ross. It wont be the last. Check out this article with random facts about Bob and let me know your thoughts. Happy painting.


[Article] Jean-Michel Basquiat: The neglected genius

The thing I love most about art, is the fact that it is so open to interpretation, that the artist could paint something one way and the viewer see something completely different. The thing I hate most about art, is chances are, an artist will be good and dead before ever given a decent amount of recognition. Cue this BBC article on Jean-Michel Basquiat, and share your thoughts.


Walt Disney World® Resort is pleased to present the artwork for beloved artist, David E. Doss — Art Quench Magazine

Art of Disney, Disney Springs™ Marketplace Artist Showcase with David E. Doss June 22 – June 26 David has had much success over the years with sold out editions and a high collector following. Working in watercolors, his art is internationally known for his great attention to detail. Join us as we debut some of his […]

via Walt Disney World® Resort is pleased to present the artwork for beloved artist, David E. Doss — Art Quench Magazine

Article: People Put Their Arm Through A Hole In A Wall And Get A Surprise Tattoo From Artist Scott Campbell

People will do anything! Put your arm through this hole and watch it work. Viola!!!!
I’m actually in support of surprise tattoo art, especially if it’s from the likes of Scott Campbell. This is a pretty dope article from The Huffington Post Uk. Check it out below.



Article: The Power of Talking to God

I came across this article by Emily Storia in my afternoon web browsing and was thrilled. Those who know me well, know that my daily mantra is ‘all things through prayer and meditation’. I get excited when our conversations shift from gossip and current events, to things that I feel are important…like our gratitude for what we have and love for the art of creation. Let me take this moment to encourage every reader! You exist for a reason. You are special. Get to know your creator and fall in love with yourself. Check out the article on the importance of talking to God.