Blurryface – twenty one pilots

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Blurryface is twenty one pilot’s fourth studio album that was set to be released on May 19, 2015 but was leaked by the band themselves two days earlier. This Ohio-based duo became widely known in the alternative community when their previous record “Vessel” was released in 2013. Tyler Joseph (vocalist) and Josh Dun (drummer) combine a unique sound that interweaves hip hop, alternative, ukulele, and electropop into their songs, leaving the listener confused as to in which genre this band should be placed. The singles from this album include Fairly Local, Tear in My Heart, Stressed Out, Lane Boy, and Ride.

The album opens with the song “Heavydirtysoul” which starts with a long instrumental verse that gets the listener’s heart racing as it leads into a fast-pace  rap. The song continues to the chorus that makes you want to clap along and sing your heart out.

The hype from “Vessel” left…

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