[Interview] Catching up with Soul Singer Amahni Philly

Peace family! I know its been a while. I’ve been on the prowl, searching for new talent, and I found it in Baltimore neo soul artist, Amahni Philly. Amahni has been breezing up the coast with his new single “Forever”, but he’s no stranger to the scene. He has been performing up and down the east coast, promoting his sophmore album Forever Golden. Philly was able to take a break from his busy schedule and chat with us about the project. 

Dropajewel: What made you begin writing music? 

Ahmani Philly: Well I’ve always had the passion to write. I always felt it was easier than speaking. Initially it allowed me to release my emotions, personal feelings, visions and thoughts during a time when I didn’t feel heard. During my younger years I was very verbally introverted  and when it came to being vulnerable it was sort of like expelling everything I hold within through pen . I even now find myself sometimes speaking in song, rhyme scheme, metaphor or parable.

DJ: Who are your biggest influences?

 AP: This is a great but extensive question. My biggest influences are artist who are iconic from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. From the instrumentation of Brothers Johnson, Earth,Wind & Fire…to vocals of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, The Emotions, Patti Labelle, of course on this album Johnnie Wilder Jr.  Today’s artist span from TANK, Tweet, Brandy to a more recent Frank Ocean, Jay-z, SZA, Daniel Caesar.

DJ: How does Forever Golden differ from your last album Home?

 AP: Home was a very weird place for me vocally because of multiple health and life issues. Home was a push album that half the time my voice was gone…I could barely sing and had so much to say. Meanwhile, I wasstill hiding my true yearning in my heart to be completely transparent about where my heart should’ve been. It birthed music from me trying to harness my thyroid health and figure out how to turn what I viewed as a curse into a pathway toward the falling place of my blessings; hence the Title Home. This led me to the Goldenheart and that’s where Forever Golden came into fruition. Forever Golden was the first time I could speak fully from my heart and soul without holding back, and being overly cryptic or without dark emotions of no hope. This is about a real life love of someone. I call him “the Goldenheart” or “Twin Flame”. Since I love numerology and the zodiac and the artistic connotations I used representations of 2 and 11 life path since I am both. It’s in everything from the art work, to the number of tracks on the album. Especially releasing the album in 2018, a universal 11 and year of spiritual partnerships (Forever Golden).We must overcome challenging early lives (Home), to prove to the world that love never gives up! The number eleven is about double beginnings and two is about the combining of the two separate entities to move forward in a new beginning with peace love and understanding(Forever & Golden).

So This project holds hope in life and a sense of permanent position within me in every aspect of my life moving forward. Forever Golden all about complete truth and being naked and literally comfortable in my skin as I step into the New beginning. As you can see my music comes from deep rooted intimate real life and spiritual experiences. Home was the story to get back to the Forever Golden (Kansas) just like the wizard of oz.

DJ: What do you want people to take away from this album? 

AP: I want people to always have hope in love, learn transparency & growth. Take time to redirect, find & never compromise yourself. Remind yourself how much you love [you]. Learn from mistakes or lessons and move forward never backward. Don’t ever stand still and become a victim of your circumstances. Take responsibility and care for yourself. Then the Divine will bring you a heart and the balance that will adore all that you already are and love within yourself.

DJ: What do you think of the soul/r&b game right now?

AP: Well, I think I’m beginning to really love millennial soul as it’s now called. However, I’m not to keen on the fact that hip hop and R&B are lumped together as Urban Music. It’s disappointing. Mostly because R&B is not always “URBAN” technically. Unfortunately, you have to roll with the punches. 

DJ: What can fans expect from Amahni Philly in the near future? 

AP: In the near future more transparency, visual content, and whatever is laid before my path toward the manifesting of the vision. I would love to do a few collaborations. Who knows? I’ll let the Divine guide me.

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[New Music] The Fontaines-Evaporate

Yeah! New music from LA indie group, The Fontaines. I hope to hear a lot more from them in the near future as I’ve heard they are gearing up for their debut album. Check out Evaporate and show your twitter love @TheFontaines #DoItNow

{New Project} AJ Suede- Mage Against The Machine

Surprise! AJ Suede just dropped a new project to end 2016 with a bang. Mage Against The Machine is his 7th project giving you a lens to his thoughts with a dark scope. The 6 track project features productions from Khrist Koopa, Trowa Barton, Antonio and Fish Narc.Check it out below, download it, and stay tuned for his upcoming self produced album Ultra Dark Forest coming soon.

Download here


[New Video + New Mixtapes Alert] Bink Baghdad- Porsche Dealership

This joint is flames!

New music from my man Bink Baghdad. Allow me to reintroduce young Bink as an innovative, visionary, up and coming hip hop artist. He is LITERALLY one of the hardest working young brothers in Baltimore City right now. It inspires me to see his growth as an artist and watch his drive take him to new heights that many will never see. Everybody wants to be a rapper, but if you don’t put the hard work behind your efforts, you will fail. I think Bink is in his own lane, and head of the game due to his consistency and progress. He dropped three mixtapes this month!!! Already! If you can’t respect that, be sure to allow yourself several seats and a moment of silence. Big ups to the homie Bink and show your twitter love @BinkBaghdad.Make sure you show your support and cop all the new music below for your enjoyment.



Fuck Rap 5


5 Star Microwave Dinner


Freddie Gibbs – Pronto EP (Stream)

Gary, IN’s finest dropped a 3-track EP earlier today. Fans like myself been starving for some new heat!

Give a listen & SUPPORT DAMN IT! It’s on iTunes, Google Play Music & probably everywhere, so cop from your favorite corporate enity.


Plus, a bonus. My favorite track by Gibbs. You know, villainous shit.


{New Music} OG Dutch Master- O

My man Dutchy is back with new tunes for the streets! O was shot by Terrance Smalls and Chad Wilkerson, directed and edited by OG Dutch Master. This brother is always putting on for the city of Baltimore. Make sure you stay tuned for his upcoming project and show your love on his twitter @OGDutchMaster.

This free engine is Unreal



Budding video game developers and miscellaneous finger twiddlers, the world’s most popular video game engine is now FREE!

Instead of paying for a license like in the olden days, it’s free to use to your puny heart’s content. Epic will still take a small amount of any profits made (5%) as compared to what they used to take (25%, on top of licensing).

I wonder how the indie games scene will look now. Twiddle away, gents.

Check the source for more info.

Source: Epic

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