Article: Smoking Doesn’t Kill Them: The Strange Science of the Longevity Gene

Most of my friends don’t smoke. Most of my family doesn’t smoke. There are, however, a select few of us who enjoy a good cigarette or black and mild every now and again. I don’t think there is anything wrong with indulging in one of tobacco’s many pleasures, but I DO know the tobacco industry is making a KILLING (literally). I also find it odd that all of the people I’ve known to die of cancer, never smoked anything a day in their life. Check out this interesting article on how smoking affects people differently.

Wooly Rhino Found! Barbers Clip Up!


I’ve come to bless you with more knowledge of yesteryear. Apparently, Pleistocene mammoths weren’t the only creatures in need of a shape-up.

Some Russian hunters found a 10,000 year old baby wooly rhino, preserved in a chunk of ice, in a stream while boating. The calf, named Sasha, was 18 months upon death. She has a head, leg, eye, hair (this should be readily apparent) & two horns.

Scientists are searching for DNA within the specimen to match Sasha to a particular present rhino family.

It’s always nice to find lost treasures. Blade God Syg coming to a backyard near you, shovel in tow.

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