Make Cynicism Great Again

I bring you greetings from the hyperbolic death bed of a conspiracy theorist; here is my eulogy.

I saw a tweet from Yoko Ono, wishing Paul McCartney a Happy Birthday. As tradition would have it, I quoted the tweet and added a “Paul is Dead” for good measure. As I scrolled the comments to see who had done the same, I was disappointed. No one had mentioned Paul’s very non existent death, a theory as old as the Beatles themselves. What a fucking world”, I thought to myself…”or am I just old?”
The state of the current free world (pun intended) is in upheaval. Anarchy of sorts is upon us and many are excited or scared to death of: the pandemic, the importance of Black lives, killer hornets, the return of sports, a president and his twitter account as my list could continue on and on. What I am NOT seeing is a bunch of the conspiracy theorist in record numbers. Where are the people who believe this is all a government cover up to bring on the new world order? Where are the breakdowns about the book of Revelation and mark of the beast? Where are the urban legends about the loc ness monster in the chlamydia infested artic ocean? In my Lestat voice “come out come out, wherever you are.” Lets make modern philosophy and cynicism great again.

{October Edition}The Drop


Praise de Lawd and pass the headphones! Every month or so, I try to keep viewers in my earbuds with what I’ve been listening to. I pride myself on being a music junkie, and diving into some of the best of each genre…but my mood plays a big part. Check out the list and share your thoughts:

The Game- The Documentary 2 & The Documentary 2.5


I’ve seen about 50 versions of this album artwork by now, but these albums are solid. If you are a hip hop head, you may have been a fan of Game’s music but this is some of his better work. The Documentary 2/2.5 features a good variety of acts such as Lil Wayne,, Jay Rock, Nas, Schoolboy Q, Dej Loaf, Ty Dolla $ign, Skrillex, Snoop, Drake etc etc etc. Go get you some rap and enjoy.

Big Grams- Big Grams

Big Grams

Ohhhhhh so rapper Big Boi from Outkast linked up with New York alternative rock-ish duo Phantogram to give us Big Grams! The project is short and sweet but gives you allllll dope beats over dope rhymes. It’s definitely more than a one time listen.

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable

Janet Unbreakable

I got all good vibes from Janet with this project. Of course Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are producing on here along with Missy Elliott and J Cole. I think since Janet’s marriage, she didn’t want to get too sexy on this one and I can understand. Owwww! It’s always great to hear new music from Ms. Jackson as I respect her artistry and salute her as a pop icon. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Lana Del Rey- Honeymoon


Let me just keep it 100% real with you guys and say that I’m still up in the air about this album. I feel like it was over and under rated at the same damn time. Lana Del Rey does not make music for everybody. You have to be a very specific demographic to enjoy this. I will say that there are really high points in the music that make me feel a little low. Honeymoon is melodic and haunting. I’m just going to keep playing it until I can come to a sane conclusion. The fact that it makes me work so hard is possibly a good sign that it could overall be a timeless album. I have no idea.

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