That MD Slang Y’all


I’ve long said that my people of Baltimore have some of world’s most colorful language. The fine people at Movoto have a series where Californians take on the slang of other states.

Next to bat, the good ol’ MD!

I’ve never heard of a chicken necker out this way. Gotta be some South MD shit.

Blade God, out. *flashbang*


How to Thrive in Life?

Oh Em Gee! So I subscribe to a bunch of different blogs and websites because I am a student of life. I’m always open to new ideas and “hacks” to make this life a bit easier. I ran into a life hack article by Matt Valentine on what 20 somethings can stop doing that’ll make their life easier. Check it out below.

What the hell happened to customer service?!

Remember the days when you walked into a store and someone would greet you with a smile? Remember when the cashier would say hi and have a good day? Those was good times. Now we have to settle with people straight facing you in every store, everyone has an attitude or a chip on their shoulder, and no one wants to help. Since when was it acceptable for a store to have terrible employees giving terrible customer service? When I worked in customer service, I always had to smile, offer help to those who needed it and whatever issues I had, they were left at the door. Nowadays, people bring all their problems to work and take it out on the poor customers and coworkers. I’m not only talking about retail, I’m talking about doctor’s offices, hospitals, restaurants, anywhere that provides a service. And especially when when you call to speak to someone. That’s the worst customer service ever. The operator talks to you any kind a way and makes you feel stupid for calling.  And people wonder why automated services are taking over. The moral of the story is if you can’t fake at least the slightest of a pleasant attitude, you should not be in customer service. The customer is not always right, but at least make them feel like you want to help.

Villainous! New Trailer for Avengers 2

Ahhhhhhh….sweet villainy at work. Chaos in abundance, Friends turning on friends. Beautiful. Let the world burn I always say.

Let me stop. I’m getting teary eyed.

Marvel released a trailer today, showcasing Ultron’s power & a bunch of heroes getting their shit kicked in.

Also, Hulk is destruction incarnate!

Best. Moment. Ever.

Fashawn “Guess Who’s Back”

Hafa Adai! (pronounced HALF A DAY) That’s Chamorro for Hello 🙂 I’m Flo (@Floridaguam on twitter) Every now and again I’m always on the web or in the record stores to get new music for the various shows I am apart of. I would like to share this track by Fashawn. He’s on  Mass Appeal Records  with other artists such as: Run The Jewels and Boldy James.

“Guess Who’s Back” is on the “The Ecology” album which was released in February 2015. Check it out:



You Won’t Wake Up In A New Bugatti


The Veyron is dead. Long Live Bugatti Veyron!!

I happened to peruse WIRED while doing my daily subjugation & noticed that the last Veyron has been sold.

*sheds tear*

I’ll have one of my minions steal one. At least I still have $8,000 ice cream.

Source: WIRED

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