Villainous! New Trailer for Avengers 2

Ahhhhhhh….sweet villainy at work. Chaos in abundance, Friends turning on friends. Beautiful. Let the world burn I always say.

Let me stop. I’m getting teary eyed.

Marvel released a trailer today, showcasing Ultron’s power & a bunch of heroes getting their shit kicked in.

Also, Hulk is destruction incarnate!

Best. Moment. Ever.

Fashawn “Guess Who’s Back”

Hafa Adai! (pronounced HALF A DAY) That’s Chamorro for Hello 🙂 I’m Flo (@Floridaguam on twitter) Every now and again I’m always on the web or in the record stores to get new music for the various shows I am apart of. I would like to share this track by Fashawn. He’s on  Mass Appeal Records  with other artists such as: Run The Jewels and Boldy James.

“Guess Who’s Back” is on the “The Ecology” album which was released in February 2015. Check it out:



You Won’t Wake Up In A New Bugatti


The Veyron is dead. Long Live Bugatti Veyron!!

I happened to peruse WIRED while doing my daily subjugation & noticed that the last Veyron has been sold.

*sheds tear*

I’ll have one of my minions steal one. At least I still have $8,000 ice cream.

Source: WIRED

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