[Article]You Don’t Have to Live in Silicon Valley to Succeed in Tech

This article from Black Enterprise gives my heart joy. Sure Silicon Valley is tech staple, BUT who says the next Steve Jobs isn’t right here in Baltimore, Maryland? This is a great read for a Friday and I hope it brings you all inspiration. Check out the article here and salute the author Sequoia Blodgett, founder of 7AM.

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Google and Udacity Partnership?

You’ve read the headline correctly. I was chatting with some of my developer friends and ran across an article from Techcrunch.com. It appears that there are talks of an Android development nanodegree under the direction of a Google and Udacity partnership. This is why it pays to stay abreast of the everchanging trends! I am a fan of Udacity, and a student of technology in general. Check out the article below, and follow the author Frederic Lardinois on twitter @fredericl. Thank me later.