Nicki Minaj Recites Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’

Praise Be God! Maya Angelou was one of the most inspirational writers of our time. As an African American woman, she always offered a unique perspective and loads of philosophical wisdom. Angelou was a civil rights activist, poet, orator and an inspiration to minority women everywhere! Check out Nicki Minaj paying homage to the late great Maya Angelou at Shining A Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America, presented by A+E Networks and iHeartMedia. For more from the concert, tune in to A&E on Friday, November 20 at 8/7c. . #Salute

Article: Nintendo unveils its first game for smartphones in long overdue move

Now you wait a damn minute..


I was hoping for a super dope Pokemon game or something. Bless you anyway, Nintendo.

Article: Here’s what ‘geniuses’ do when they’re given over half a million dollars

Hell, I’m a genius. Give me a substantial amount of money and watch what I do with it! On a serious note, I thought this was an interesting article from Business Insider. Check it out.

Article: These Celeb Portraits Show Stars As Shadows of Their Younger Selves

Colombian graphic artist, Fulvio Obregon, is giving us life with his new imagery.


Pop culture is near a dear to many, and Obregon showcases some of our favorites with their younger selves. Follow his twitter @Fulaleo and click the link below to see more.

Article: RZA and System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian on Long-Delayed Duo Achozen

Wait a minute…

I’m a music junkie of life, and I try to stay on top what is dropping in the scene. In any event…I missed this. How the hell did I miss this?! As a fan of both Wu and SOAD I’m stoked…check out the Rolling Stone article below.

30 for 30 Goals

I’m a fan of Lifehack Daily, as they always give insightful advice on everything from self motivation to job hacks. Living in an information age, it is hard to stay focused, as there is always something new unfolding on the web. I just read Lifehack’s 30 Goals You Should Set For Yourself Before Turning 30 article, and I got my days worth of inspirtation. Maybe I’ll get around to some of these goals before my 30th. Stay Tuned…